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Friday, March 1, 2013

I Think I Am Going To Be, "IN THE PINK! "

Happy First Day of March!! 

It is an amazing day today. The sun is shining, birds singing, trees blooming with pink, and white blooms.

All the hills surrounding my house are the most beautiful Spring Green.

Yes, I think Spring is pushing it’s way into our lives, and I love it.

I love March!! It is the month I was married, and this year we get to celebrate Easter in March.

At Christmas time I started pinning inspiration pictures for this years Easter table. I know, crazy, huh?

I saw one particular image that caught my attention, and that was kind of a jumping off point for me.

You all know I am not a DIYer, but these caught my eye. I love the dipped gold bases.

After seeing these I started looking at what color I like to see with Gold and this came to mind….

The more I looked the more I saw a beautiful soft, pale pink was the direction I think I would like to go……

The touch of black makes it interesting.

Maybe a bit much, I think I want something a bit softer, not so much of a contrast.

This is much better, very soft pink, white and gold. Love the gold striping around the cake stand, and the cake. Understated elegance!

Gold dipped, pink eggs!! Now we are really onto something!

I am starting to see a plan come together!

So many pattern choices to choose from!

What about flowers?

Should I do a large arrangement?


How about a cluster of small arrangements?

So many choices…..

How about sparkle?

I am starting to get excited about all the possibilities!!

If you would like some inspiration for Easter Ideas go HERE to see my Easter pinboard.