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Tuesday, August 21, 2012



In blogland, and on Pinterest I see so many clever DIY ideas. Not being an avid DIYer I often look and say something like, “ Oh that is clever, and they did a really nice job, but I know ME, and I would not take the time to do it!”

When I was younger I actually use to do more DIY projects, but as time has marched on I have become more selective with what I try to do myself.

 Luckily I am married to a very handy man that can do just about anything. However he would never admit that to anyone, but I have seen his abilities so I know.

Since there are so many of you out there that do love a good DIY I thought I would show a few ideas that I think are really worth trying to attempt.

I found this first idea while perusing blogland. It was in a bathroom designed by Hickman Design Associates.

 I actually think this would be wonderful in just about any room. Think of a bathroom, kitchen or children’s rooms….

Don’t you just love it!? You could purchase any simple glass pendant light and write a special poem, words or thoughts on it.
To write on the glass you can use a white chalk marker. You can find them Here!

Speaking of script, how about some numbers? This next item was inspired by an art piece from Pottery Barn.

Adorable!! I can see this in a playroom, can’t you?

Do you like pillows? Do you need some for outdoors, or a family room? Check these out?

These were made by sewing two Ikea rug mats together! I told you it was a clever idea!!

Hidden storage for your book shelves, this would be great to hold all my old design magazines!!

Fall is right around the corner. I find it hard to decorate with autumnal colors since I am not a brown/orange gal. 

I always look for something in a neutral that will remind me of the Fall. Ballard has some leaf prints that would be so easy to do as a DIY project……..

A trip to Michaels for some artist canvas, a walk in the park and some white spray paint, and Voila!! You have some Fall art for your walls.

How about this next project for your walls…..

This treatment was done on the free standing unit, but I can see this done on an entire wall.

 It would be wonderful in a small entry hall to open up the space. Mirror squares and molding!! Love it!!

I hope some of these ideas have started your DIY juices flowing. 

If you would like to see a few more you can go to my Pinterest board called, You guessed it…….