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Saturday, October 28, 2017

My Review About Using Poshmark!

I thought you all might like to know how Poshmark is working out for me. Since I am a total newbie I am an open book and will be totally honest with you all just in case you decide to use Poshmark yourself.

First I have to say that is by far the easiest site to manage, it is very user friendly and self explanatory. It did take me a bit of perusing to figure out where to find certain things I needed to see as a seller.

I have been very successful in my book and have sold quite a few pieces from my wardrobe.( all the outfits throughout this post have been sold or are still for sale.)

Poshmark is pretty cut and dry as far as how much money you will make and they show you if you price an item a certain price you will get X amount from your sell. It is usually 20% off the top, which is worth it for the amount of exposure you will get.

As far as exposure goes it is up to you to share your items to your followers, or to as many parties as they offer that your item will qualify for. The parties are a way of introducing YOU and your closet items to Poshers that don't follow you yet, as well as those that do.

It is a very welcoming site with a lot of people with the same mind set as myself. WE love clothes and we need to sell ours and buy new at bargain prices.

They do sell NWT, new with tags, and also NWOT items, new without tags, as well as used. Each seller is suppose to describe the condition, but if they don't you can leave a comment and ask for a description of condition and even measurements. It is important to do this before purchasing something, especially if you are not familiar with the brand and it's sizing. 

It is up to the buyer to be well informed. There are no returns just because it did not fit or you don't like it afterall. However if an item is sold as NOT shown or described Pohmark will go to bat on your behalf, you just need to email them and let them know what happened. It is all explained very well on their site.

I think it helps a great deal to be VERY specific in your searching. Brand, size, color, price and condition. 

That way you don't have to sort through a lot of items you are not interested in and to be honest I have found that not all sellers are selling quality pieces or things I would like to purchase. So if you join be sure and fill out the size chart and the brands you like, it will help in your searching.

The other cool thing about Poshmark is you can make an offer that is lower than the asking price. The seller can accept or decline your offer. I have found most sellers quite fair in their negotiating. 

I visit Poshmark on my PC and my phone and have found both ways to be easy and fun to use.

Since I literally am selling my entire wardrobe I also have had to replace it. I have found so many cute pieces and a lot of them are NWT, new with tags. Since I love certain brands and classic, preppy pieces it has been fun and easy for me. I know my style pretty well and I am very color specific.

One thing I found when I put my clothing on this site was how everything coordinated except for a few odd ball pieces which I wound up never wearing much because they just weren't ME.

If you have some nice pieces I highly recommend trying Poshmark, it has been a venue for me to rebuild my wardrobe and sell the clothing that no longer fits me.

 I have had so much fun styling certain outfits and it has made me realize how much I enjoy playing with my clothes. I have gotten out of the practice of doing that so now I am back to my roots.

I still try to buy pieces that will go with other items in my wardrobe so I can coordinate my clothes. Remember my personal rule for myself....

I have found so many cute pieces and there are certainly more on the site to be purchased and found.

One of the questions I am sure you are all wondering is, "Have I bought anything that I was not happy with or did I get anything that was not as described." The answer to both is, kind of!!

 First I can't say I was not happy with what I purchased, but I did not like the way it looked on me personally once I got it, or it did not fit even though I thought I was careful to ask about  measurements before purchasing.

 Here .....
is the top I purchased that was darling, but just did not look good on me. The proportions were off on me, but NO PROBLEMITO!!!  I styled it like you see in the picture and it sold quickly. Easy Peasy!!

The beauty of Poshmark is NOOOOO problem just put it in your closet and sell it! I did exactly that and it has worked out well for me. 

I have only had one purchase that had a flaw that was not mentioned in the description and I did not give that seller a good rating and I left a comment in the rating to say why. 
Obviously I won't be purchasing from her again.

I will not resale that particular item because I only sale items that I would still wear if they fit me.

I did try another site and found it hard to maneuver. I did not like the pricing method and I also felt that the control of how my item would be displayed was not in my control, but it was left up to them. I did try it out and got totally confused so I am sticking with Poshmark, which is easy, fun and very profitable for me.

Just remember YOU have to market your items by sharing as often as you can so more buyers will see them, it is up to YOU the seller to make it work for you. I plan on continuing to sell my clothing on Poshmark and believe me........

I Am,
 "Enjoying The Process!!" 

BTW: If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments. I will answer in the comments so other readers can learn as well.

You can visit my closet here......

If you happen to sign up please feel free to use my user name Fiano if they ask how you heard about Poshmark. I will get a $5 credit if you do that! 
Hope to see you on Poshmark!!