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Saturday, May 5, 2018

I Found The Perfect Mascara!!


I think it's time for a makeup/beauty post don't you? Actually the reason I am writing this post is because I went makeup shopping and out to lunch with a friend. You know a perfect GIRLS day.

Anyhow she started using a new mascara that she loves. We both have sensitive eyes, and also are finding that most all of the mascaras get clumpy ( is that a word?, it is now) on our lashes.

Okay maybe not this bad but you get the idea!

I read an article awhile ago stating that most mascara wands brushes are too big for most people and it was the size and style of brushes that would make the biggest difference in the application of mascara.

They recommended a smaller brush for those of us that seem to have sparser lashes as we get a little more mature! Notice I didn't say old? I have feelings!!

So with my friends recommendation, and looking at the tiny brush/wand I was sold. I tried it for the first time and oh my goodness! This stuff is great!!

Here is the description on their website.......

Developed with plastic surgeons, this lash innovation is your peptide-infused black lash primer, eyeliner and mascara in one step! Unlike most other mascara brushes that leave the first 1/3 of your lash roots bare, the groundbreaking skinny wand starts coating your lashes at their actual roots to create a beautiful, lash-lengthening effect—and lays down black pigment between each and every lash for instant tightline eyeliner definition and the look of a fuller lash line. This unique wand also allows the ultra-conditioning formula, infused with hydrolyzed collagen, proteins, biotin, jojoba, saw palmetto, chamomile, aloe, a├žai, amino acids and antioxidants, to nourish your lashes from root to tip for revolutionary lash-changing results!

I don't know about you but this had me sold!!
Did you read that list of ingredients? All good stuff!!

The founder of the company added this....

“This product gets in between every single eyelash right at the root to define and maximize your lashes to their fullest potential!”

Don't worry I won't leave you hanging!! This is sold by IT COSMETICS!

I purchased mine at ULTA, but you can also get it online......


You can thank me later and then I will thank my friend for you too!!