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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow Globe In PARIS

I have to admit it is a bit Kitschy, but I also have to admit I love it!!! I made my own snow globe with a sweet memory from Paris………

Paris Snow globe 013 (632x800)

See the flashing Eiffel Tower on the left. My sweet hubby wanted one when we were in Paris. He would tease that he was going to proudly display it on our mantel.

Paris Snow globe 014 (727x800)
I told him, that will never happen in our house, but he could get it and we would put it on our tree this year to commemorate our beautiful trip to Paris.

Paris Snow globe 015 (604x800)
He wound up not getting one while we were in Paris.

I felt kind of badly that I made him feel like he shouldn’t get it, so I sent away for one from Paris   to give him as a little Christmas surprise!

Paris Snow globe 016 (800x588)
I decided it would look great under a cloche, then it evolved into a snowy scene like you would see in a snow globe.

Paris Snow globe 018 (800x764)
I used two pictures, one of a snowy backdrop in front of the Eiffel tower, and one to put on the bottom where someone had written, “Kiss From PARIS!” In the snow.

Paris Snow globe 019 (800x600)
I added a picture of us kissing in Paris on "Love Lock Bridge," and put two little sparkly twigs for snowy trees behind us.

Paris Snow globe 020 (800x573)
Merry Christmas To 
The Love Of My Life
Kissing YOU in PARIS!!!