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Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 Easter Table Plans

  Domino for Easter custom of your BUNNY by DIMDI Original watercolour by dimdi, $38.00:

To say I love this time of year is an understatement. I seem to thrive this time of year. All the things that inspire me seem to be surrounding me. Colors, weather, flowers, birds, blue skies. Love it all.

Easter is only 4 weeks away and it just dawned on me the other day I had better get going on my plans.

 black and white for Easter:

Throughout the year I make myself a pinboard for the upcoming holidays and when I see something I like, I pin it. Eventually a pattern starts to emerge and this year was no exception.

Like most years it is usually color that catches my eye first and then I go from there. This year it was pretty simple and straight forward.


I know these are not your typical Easter colors, however these are the two main colors I always seem to enjoy working with. In fact last years table was black and white with pink.........

Another year I did black and white spotted feathers with soft blue.....

It is easy for me to incorporate black and white into my table designs since it is at the base of my home design.

Once I establish color then I starting pinning ideas that I like in that color scheme.

rabbit painting- Bunnies- watercolor animal print:

When deciding on my color scheme I like to keep it fairly tight so it won't get too busy on the eye.

I also keep that in mind when I decide on the elements I am using.

 I like to have words, or a special phrase in my over all design as well, and this one caught my eye.

 This also spoke to me.  

Black and white stripes, white tulips and little spotted feathers, plus pussy willow branches. This is starting to all come together in my mind. Can you see where I am going?

 Sweet little paper pockets to hold silverware.

Since I tend to like simplicity this arrangement was very appealing to me.

This is another fun way to incorporate the pussy willows.

I pull together the different ideas to see which direction I would like to go, and it helps me narrow down ideas and elements.

Sometimes our minds can get carried away with excitement. By lining up the ideas in a collage I can see which one's work and which one's don't quite fit in the mix.



Once I have done all this my plan is flexible according to if I am able to find the different elements I plan on using.

Here is my over all plan........

Colors: Black and white and soft brown as in the pussy willows and parchment paper.

Elements: Bunnies, pussy willows, eggs, feathers .

Patterns: Stripes or maybe large buffalo check. Still not quite sure which table cloth I will be using.

So there you have it, my over all plan and how I come about with a plan every year. Now the real fun begins, creating it.

Progress: The pussy willows have been ordered and the sweet bunny print.