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Monday, February 24, 2014

And It BEGINS!!!


Happy Monday to all of you out in blogland!! 

Today is the day!!

You might be wondering, “What is today?”

Today is shut down  the kitchen day…….

Kitchen reno 001 (800x600)

In the beginning stages.

Kitchen reno 003 (600x800)
It is kind of fun seeing everything all lined up.

Kitchen reno 002 (800x600)
There is no mistaking what colors are in my home, white, yellow, greens, blues and once in awhile a touch of pink.

Kitchen reno 005 (600x800)
I have some red transferware for my touch of pink!!

Kitchen reno 015 (800x600)
Drawers all stacked up, pots and pans ready to be used, Ooops, no cooking gas line will be off . Darn looks like take out for awhile!

Kitchen reno 010 (800x600)

The cupboards are bare!! Just like Old Mother Hubbard!!

Kitchen reno 011 (800x600)
There will be no more washing dishes for a couple of weeks. This 35 year old sink is going bye-bye!!

Would you like to see my new kitchen?

Kitchen reno 007 (800x600)
This is the cooking area!

Kitchen reno 008 (600x800)
Here is where I am keeping my new china that my sweet hubby bought me. It is genuine Chinette!!

This is how we will be living for the next two weeks. 
Tomorrow is demo day so bye bye to my tile counter tops.

Wednesday is template day so they can cut my new counter tops out of these beauties…..

Da Vinci marble (800x600)
I will keep you posted on our progress!! 
Wish us luck!!!