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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do We REALLY Love Burlap?!!

I remember the first time I saw burlap being used on a decorative element for the home. I’m not sure how long ago it actually was, but it has probably been close to seven years.  I was ordering a full length table skirt for my dining room table from Ballard designs. Ballard had a burlap table skirt and I remember saying to myself, “Who would want a burlap table skirt? It is so scratchy!”

The rest is history! Over the years burlap has become quite in vogue! It is not only being used for table skirts, but you name it, and you will find something that is made in burlap. My friend Stacy at Conspicuous Style Blog has an amazing line-up of images of anything, and everything you  can find using burlap. If you love burlap you are going to love this post on her blog.

Now, back to my question, “Do we really love burlap?” Do we love it enough to make a commitment in using it on a piece of furniture?  Or do we truly see it as a trend and will only make an investment in smaller accessory type pieces for our home? Will burlap always be in your life or do you see it as a passing phase?

I will have to be honest in stating that I am not a huge fan. I am not saying this to offend anyone because I love the freedom in design to express one’s self. 


Since burlap has been used so much over the past few years, it made me question my own opinion. Am I missing something? What are others seeing in it that I am not?

I find burlap to be scratchy!! It looks scratchy and it feels scratchy!! So what is it that appeals to so many in the design world?


Obviously burlap adds warmth in its color, and if you want texture, you are really going to get texture by using burlap. It is also very inexpensive too!!


Those are all good and valid reasons to use burlap, if you truly love it. I, on the other hand would prefer a lovely, textured linen over burlap.


Burlap has been on what I call, “ The Trend Train!” for quite some time. Is it going to become a classic? I personally don’t think so! What do you all think? Do you think burlap has been over used, or do you think it is here to stay and destined to become a classic?


Whether you love burlap or not, remember, always……….

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Expressing yourself in the design of your home!


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