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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Possibilities For My New Home's Entry Hall


navy backing with grass cloth overlay.design indulgence: ASO DECORATORS SHOW HOUSE 2015

In my last post I talked about what you could do to make a small entry make a wonderful opening statement for your home.

I mentioned that it would be a good idea to write down just what that opening statement would be if your walls could talk. Here is what I wrote…….

“You are about to enter the place we love, and call home, as you enter I hope you know your are welcomed here. We hope we have made you just a bit curious about how the rest of our home will look by our choices in colors, wall treatments, and the other elements we chose to greet you.  We love beautiful things, but nothing is too precious in our home that it will ever be more important than YOU.  We hope you feel at peace, and relaxed while you visit here.”

Grasscloth Wallpaper Ideas. The grasscloth wallpaper is from Phillip Jeffries. The pattern is called Driftwood - Twilight Blue 6205.  #GrassclothWallpaper #PhillipJeffries Terrat Elms Interior Design.
One of the elements that can be added to elevate the look and feel of an entry is wallpaper.

Wallpaper can help set the mood for what your guest are about to see. It can create an atmosphere or introduce the colors, or color that will be in the rest of your home. 

You will notice all of the images in this post are of blue and white. These are the two colors that I will use throughout my home. Of course I will vary it's application from room to room.

Imperial Gates Periwinkle, Phillip Jeffries

Today I thought I would have a little fun and show you some wallpaper choices, or ideas that I have in mind for my own entry hall in my new home. 

As I said before my entry hall is very small it is only 5ft. wide and 8ft long. 

I actually have three possible design ideas for this small area. Once we move in I know my new little cottage will tell me just which treatment it needs.

MOD WEAVE, Navy, T36140, Collection Enchantment from Thibaut

Let me show you some of the wallpaper options I have looked at, and pinned and then I will narrow it down to patterns I think I could live with long term.

This first pattern is actually a pattern I had lined up to use in my other home so I have lived with this idea for quite sometime. ………

BAMBOO LATTICE, Blue, T36158, Collection Enchantment from Thibaut

This bamboo lattice pattern by Thibaut is open and airy and would introduce the blue and white that I use in my home in the form of blue and white porcelain and my blue ticking sofa for the Great room.

I am doing a traditional feel with a  coastal/Nantucket feel  so this could work nicely. It would open up the opportunity to add some tropical touches in the rest of my home as well.

Very dramatic. Whites look very crisp...Navy Grasscloth Wallpaper; David Scott Interiors

Since my entry is so small I would probably use this full wall with a nice crown molding, and possibly something interesting on the ceiling with a traditional looking light fixture in a blackish type finish since I use black and white as a base in my home as well as the blue and white.

This next selection is another direction that will help elevate my small entry, and it will also introduce the blue that will be used in my home…….

$71 Check out this wallpaper Pattern Number: SG2211 from @American Blinds and Wallpaper � decorate those walls!
I could use a navy, or I could go brighter with a cobalt blue like this Ralph Lauren grasscloth, both will introduce color and texture for our home as well as set the mood for a Traditional/ Nantucket Coastal feel…….

LWP62741W - Wallpaper | Ralph Lauren Century Club Textures | AmericanBlinds.com

If I do decide to use a blue/navy grasscloth in my entry I will be using it with a lot of white moldings to make it a more open  look as in the picture below……..

I love the texture and warmth this wallpaper provides, such a fan of wallpaper covering
Or like this……

Greg Natale
You can tell by looking at both the above applications that white will be almost as dominant as the blue grasscloth this will help open up the entry hall a bit more visually.

I will order several samples of grasscloth to see which one is more suitable once we move into our home. 

With grasscloth you have to realize their will always be slight variations in the color from dye lot to dye lot. It is also recommended to do a reverse strip application to make the seams a bit less noticeable.

I really love the navy lacquered wall with board & batten, the graphic octopus art...and the shade of wood of that sideboard goes so well with navy
With the grasscloth I would choose a traditional type lighting, but will have more options than I feel I will have with the bamboo lattice paper.

Lots to think about, and one decision will lead me to another so it is important that I have a plan so I can end up with the entry hall that I will love, and my guest will feel welcomed when they enter our home.

dark wall...love this blue I painted an entire wall a similar marine blue,  around two windows and a french door. It was perfect
As I said in my previous post we have the ceiling, the floors, walls and doors that we can address in our entry hall to set the mood for our home. 

In my next post I am going to address the flooring the ceiling and the doors. With each choice of wallpaper each of the elements will differ in order to make a cohesive look. More to come so…….