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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

They Have Arrived!!

I am sooooo excited. My living room sconces have arrived and they are even more beautiful in person than they were on-line.
Winchester Mirrored Sconce
The brass is antiqued to warm golden patina that makes you just want to touch it. The etching is a nice heavy etching, the shades are beautifully made.  I am in love with these sconces.

I realized the other day after talking to a blogging buddy that I wasn’t sure if you all realized I do not know when these will be going into my living room. That was the dilemma on whether to order them now or not. I realized I could not get this great price in the future so I bit the bullet and purchased them even though they might be sitting in the boxes for awhile.

That never stops me from making plans so I went out into cyberspace looking at rooms with Golds, creams and whites to see what I was attracted too. Here is a sampling of my inspiration images……

house beautiful
House Beautiful
gold and gray
sarah richardson 
Sarah Richardson
David Jiminez 
David Jiminez
Sarah Richardson
soft blue
with gray
Ashley Whittaker
After looking at these images and studying them I realized a few things about what I seem to be gravitating towards. I like a gold gilded frame or even a sunburst mirror. I also think I will be looking for an open antique brass framed table with maybe a marble top. The other thing I noticed is gold looks amazing with gray. I won’t be doing any gray in my life, but found it very interesting how lovely gold looks with gray. So much of what we see with gray is a monochromatic look with gray furniture, gray textures and gray walls. The pop of gold really is attractive to me and adds another dynamic to a room of all gray.

Speaking of gray, if you want to read an absolutely wonderful post on the use of gray go over to Cote De Texas and read her post. As always Joni hits the nail on the head. She has such a discerning eye and teaches her readers to look at every little detail in a room.

I think there is always a learning process in design, whether it is in your own surroundings or a clients. I love design! It has definitley given me an extra bonus in my life.

I hope this shows you we are all on a learning curve and to be open to new discoveries about yourself and your world of design,

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
The world of discovery in Design!!