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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How Could I Lose Something So Precious?!!

A Story of Discovery!
4 (800x600)

Wow!! Christmas time is such a fun and busy time of the year, isn’t it?!!
I am just like all of you and stay very busy decorating, baking and wrapping.

I truly love it all and  hum Fa-la-la and Deck the Halls as I am happily at work. Yes! I have to admit I am a hummer and a whistler♪♫♪

People that are close to me always use that as a sign of my happiness while I am creating, a barometer of sorts.

I truly love all of the preparations and decorating!! I can get pretty caught up in the whole process. After all my  saying is,"Enjoy the Process!!" Trust me I do enjoy it allot!!!

Let me tell you what happened last week in the midst of all the preparation for Christmas.............

……….I decided to decorate my living room for Christmas. I keep my living room  decorations  very simple and reflective of the true meaning of Christmas- the birth of Christ to come to earth to be our Saviour.

I always start out my decorating with putting Mary and Baby Jesus out. They truly set the tone for this room.

Now where did I put Mary and the Baby Jesus? I always keep them in the house in a safe place so they won’t get broken, now where are they???

I looked and looked and then I began to kind of panic.  I could not find them anywhere.  I looked in my prop closet,  where they are usually kept. Still no luck.

I looked in that closet three different times and did not see them.  Suddenly!!!!

There they were!!

christmas 2010 030

In the shadows hidden behind all the Holiday splendor.

Notice the tag on the glitzy leaf ornament?! Snowball Splendor  Priced at $2.99!!

I almost cried with relief and then it hit me!

What price was my Lord and Saviour willing to pay for me by being born on Christmas day?

She and baby Jesus were in the shadow of all the glitz and ornamentation of Christmas. How could I let this happen?! Not physically, but in my thoughts.

I have been so wrapped up, literally in the wrappings and trappings of Christmas, that I have not spent enough time being thankful to the One that made this all possible in the first place.

With that thought, I really did cry! Tears of remorse, tears asking for forgiveness.

After seeing this, for the first time this year........

closet and laundry 269

How could I forget this…………….

christmas 2010 033 

So dear readers with all that being said, learn from my experience and try your hardest to keep Jesus at the forefront of this wonderful Christmas Season.
Merry Christmas!


I’ll Have A Blue Christmas With YOU!!

I promise I will not be singing the Elvis rendition of Blue Christmas. I am afraid I would lose all of my readers! I will, however show you some great ideas for using blue in your Christmas decor.

1 (500x500)

I love this idea. I think when you do things in mass they are always more effective. I love the wreath on the door full of fresh roses.

I am not sure I would personally do a bow quite that large or color. I like the idea of a large double face satin in white in a simple loop bow.  What do you all think?

2 (360x450)
You can’t get much more simple than this. Curled paper with a name on it and a sprig of holly. It might be simple, but I think it is so festive.

5 (360x460)

7 (360x450)

6 (360x460)
Simple felt cut-out of snow flakes and you can make your bed look all dressed for Christmas.

3 (340x419)
Blue and silver remind me of the snow. It looks so frosty.
2 (250x375)
4 (334x366)
1 (300x250)
3 (400x400)
5 (300x400) (300x400)
3 (450x649)
6 (800x532)
8 (450x380) 

9 (450x600)
Any guest would love to be in this room on Christmas eve.
Below you will see how I added just a touch of blue in my guest room. Keep in mind the walls are a French vanilla with all white moldings. The ceiling is the softest blue, very much like the ornament that is hanging on the picture below.

Christmas Tree 2008 094
Christmas Tree 2008 097 
Christmas Tree 2008 093 (800x600)
To soften the window that has now window treatment I used a white feather boa and feather wreath held by a translucent ribbon. I loved the ethereal quality it gave the room.
I hope you have enjoyed this little touch of a Blue Christmas!
Aren’t you glad I did not sing?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Using blue to make a frosty,snowy Christmas statement!


Holiday Hint:

Vary the textures of your Christmas ornaments to add interest on your tree.

Don't be afraid to use inexpensive glittery ornaments to add sparkle. I always hold them up to the light and then I can see how much they really sparkle before purchasing.