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Tuesday, April 28, 2015



It is time for a house update!! 

It has been a whirlwind of activity, and our heads are spinning. After getting 7 over asking bids on our home within the first week we chose one offer, and now our home is……………

It has been a flurry of activity, both mental and physical.

We are busy, purging, packing, and storing our belongings.

One can sure collect a lot of , “Stuff!” when living in the same home for 37 years.

I have found the purging to be much easier than I had anticipated, and have found it to be very freeing. It feels good to know what is in the boxes in the corners, in the dark.

There have been moments of exhaustion, excitement and bitter sweet moments of tears along the way.

Basically an emotional roller coaster, but we are surviving it all.

It is funny how you will run into something that was in a box that you have not seen for awhile, and the tears will come so unexpectedly. 

For instance when I opened a box, and found this little guy……

P1150040 (600x800)

This is "BINGO", he is a talking bear that giggles, and ask questions, and is always ready for a hug and ask for hugs frequently.

When I found him I immediately started crying. I told my hubby I had to take a moment. 

So I took Bingo inside, and held him and cried for a bit, and smiled about all the family memories with Bingo in our family.

Years ago my youngest son asked for Bingo for Christmas, and I debated on getting him because I knew he would soon out grow the stuffed toy phase, and Bingo was priced at a price that was a bit expensive for our Christmas budget back in the day.

I have a very dear friend that told me, “For God’s sake get him the bear, it is the only thing he has asked for, for Christmas!” She was right, as she usually is, so I bought the bear for our youngest son.

Little did I know that Bingo would give our entire family so much pleasure. We have all enjoyed hugging him, and making him ask questions, and we answer him too!!

He even entertained our Grandchildren, and to this day if any of our family members see Bingo, they will giggle, pick him up, and make him talk.

So for now Bingo will wait in his special box for the arrival of Great Grandchildren where he will emerge, and make them giggle, squeeze, and answer questions with their parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents.

So when you think of me today just think of me up to my eye balls in boxes ….

bubble wrap and boxes

and getting very creative with bubble wrap….

bubble wrap2
My casual look!

bubble wrap3
For more formal affairs!