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Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Bright Saturday!!

Living in California we have pretty nice weather most of the time. We had been told by our weatherman that we would be having sunny but crisp weather for about eleven days.

Well, he made a mistake and we have been having lots of fog until the late afternoon.

I am a Spring time kind of gal and when it gets gloomy so does my mood. Hubby calls it the mully-grubs!!
Yes, even Kathysue can get in the mully-grubs.

I don’t like staying in this kind of mood for very long so I look for things to inspire me and get me out of this gloomy mood.

Looking around on the web  I found these two very colorful rooms that made me smile and made me think of Spring which is right around the corner.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…….

designer Krista Ewart beach cottage (360x460) (360x460) 
Designer Krista Ewart

2 (360x460)
Krista Ewart
I don’t know about you all, but I feel like I could break out singing,

 “Happy Day’s are Here Again!”  ♪♫♪♫♪

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Whatever you plan on doing this weekend!!!


Wallpaper Choices!

As I mentioned in my post on “What is On my Mind” for 2011, I showed a picture of wallpaper.

The reason for that, is I want to change the existing entry hall wallpaper in my home. I was trying to remember how long we have had this wallpaper up, and it has been at least 17 years. My how time flies when you are having fun!!

As with all changes that are made in our homes there is usually more than one room to think about when you have an open room concept.
untitled (478x640)
To see my home you can go to my side bar and click on House Tour and it will take you to Terri’s blog La Dolfina. She so graciously did a blog post on my home after a visit here. 

You can basically see the living room, the kitchen and the guest bath from the entry hall. All of the papers will have to coordinate.

If you were to stand in the middle of my entry you would look to the right to see the kitchen and family room.

If you look to the left you will see the living room take a couple of steps forward and look to the left and you see the guest bath.

I am a planner so I have to have some idea of what will work in all the adjacent rooms before making the final plunge.

In my experience if a plan is not made a person might be putting themselves in a box or a design that they might not like for the adjoining rooms.

The existing kitchen/dining room wallpaper will be staying the same, so I have to keep that in mind.

 I am not sure about the guest bathroom. That will be determined once I make my final decision on the entry.

In my previous post on How to Look for Wallpaper I mentioned that one must keep in mind, the feel, the colors and the patterns that could possibly work in their room.

I am looking for wallpapers that have a fresh, crisp and open  feeling!
The colors will have to work with green and white, black and white and blue and white.

Let me show you a couple of patterns that have caught my interest as possibilities.
baldwin bamboo chinoiserie chic blog (313x400)
This pattern is Baldwin Bamboo by Scalamandre. I love the fresh look it gives in this kitchen. I first saw this on Chinoiserie Chic Blog. If you need a dose of Chinoiserie, Beth’s wonderful blog is the place to go. I love my visits there.

I realize that everyone’s monitors will show the greens differently. I would never order a wallpaper without ordering a sample first.

This paper has the green and white and a touch of porcelain blue. I am adding more blue and white to my home, so I feel this might be a perfect combiner paper.  I call it a combiner paper because it would combine the look of my living room with the look of my kitchen/dining room.

Baldwin Bamboo by Scalamandre (398x400) 

Most wallpaper companies will send a 6-8ft drop of a paper. I have known companies like Schumacher to actually send a double roll.

There will be a cost for a sample, but it is well worth it. You must always sample it in your home and also you need to see how the pattern will lay out on your walls.

Cowan and Tout Bamboo  Decorpad (391x600)
This Cowan and Tout paper is easy on the eye and stays neutral with the use of just green and white. Not as exciting as the Baldwin Bamboo, but definitely a possibility.

cowan and tout bamboo different colorway (400x297)
Cowan & Tout in green

Since I am adding more blue and white I will probably get a sample of this paper also, you never quite know what will work until you have a sample in the room.
 cowan and tout bamboo blue (348x335)
Cowan & Tout Bamboo
I am just  beginning my looking so I have a lot more to explore, but I have loved these two patterns for awhile now. I think I have to at least explore the possibility don’t you?
What do you think of these patterns so far?

“Enjoy the Process” of:

Exploring the possibilities with wallpaper for your home!