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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Something To Think About!

I need to stop a moment every day and repeat this out loud....

I have a question for all of you, do think of yourself as a grateful person?

It sounds like a simple question and an easy answer doesn’t it? 

I like to think that I have a grateful heart, and I am thankful for all the blessings in life God has given me, but  I have come to realize there is a big difference in being thankful, and having a spirit of gratitude.

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It is so easy to think we are thankful when we say, “ I am grateful for all of God’s blessings he has given me.” Do you realize that every time we complain about what is going on in our life, we do NOT have a spirit of gratitude.

Make the choice to stay positive today! #happiness #blessed #grateful #thankful #happy #quotes

I will never claim to not complain, trust me I do, but it is a choice when I do. Sometimes I think we forget to have a spirit of gratitude in all things. 

If we truly believe that our heavenly father loves us, and knows what is best for us, we need to be thankful for all things.

I have to remind myself to trust in God’s omnipotence.

There is a big difference in accepting, or liking what happens in our life, and trusting in God, and having a spirit of gratitude.

As humans we can not possibly accept the loss of a loved one, but as a child of God we need to trust him in all things. 

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I think we often mistake acceptance as thinking what has happened is okay with us. I learned this very hard lesson when my Dad died when I was only 24 years old.

I spent about 5 years trying to accept it, and then one day while praying I realized I could not accept it because I was a human being that God made  to love  and to love deeply.
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When I  quit trying to accept the loss of my Dad, and started trusting in my heavenly Father’s omnipotence, then and only then could I truly have a spirit of gratitude.

I don’t have all the answers, and believe me when I say I have several questions that I would love answered, but I am trying to have a spirit of gratitude and  not just using lip service by saying I am thankful.

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Is your spirit full of gratitude, or do you just say your thankful without truly believing God is omnipotent and that he knows best in all circumstances?

Something to think about this week!