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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I think we have all been raised to celebrate events by certain dates or when we reach a certain number. Remember the dreaded big 30? When I started this blog I seriously had no idea what I was doing. I thought long and hard berfore starting this new journey in my life. I had read many wonderful blogs over the last year and they brought so much enjoyment to my day. I actually started thinking maybe I could do this.  Finally I did it!! That alone was a celebration of sorts.

After I started writing my first post I realized I really enjoy the writing process. The ideas came, the words were typed, and before I knew it people were actually reading it.  I am still amazed at all of you generous readers out there. I have felt so welcomed and to think someone is even reading what I write is just beyond my comprehension on some days.

Well today was one of those number days. I now have 100 Loyal Readers!! This blows my mind.  When I think of each of you sitting at your computers and reading what I have written and I realize you are all in different parts of the country or the world it is just amazing to me.

I cannot thank each of you enough for continuing to come back and read what I have to say. I will continue to write about what is on my mind for the day. Never claiming to be an expert, just a lady with a thought or two on the subject. I hope to keep it fun and interesting or at least thought provoking. I have enjoyed the process of design over the years and I want others to be able to, "Enjoy the Process" as much as I have. I want to Thank each and everyone of you for coming back for more of what I have to say.

Today I would like to say THANK YOU!!

I hope you continue to:  "Enjoy the Process"  of: Reading my blog!


Some LOVE..ly Images

 In traveling throughout blogland I came across some images that caught my eye.  They all represent LOVE in fun and some in unusual ways. I thought you all might get inspired by some of these pictures.



"Enjoy the Process" Of:  Feeling Loved!