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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Childhood Christmas Memory!

It has been a very long time since I was a child. It is funny how there are certain memories that never leave you no matter how old you get.

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Today I am going to share a Christmas memory with you that happened when I was five years old. I told you it was a very long time ago!

It was Christmas Eve, 1955 I was ready for bed and in my night gown when all of the sudden I heard sleigh bells ringing.

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I ran to the door, went outside barefoot and looked around! To my surprise, there he was!! Santa was just going around the a corner of  the last building in our little Navy housing complex.

I ran after him and I went allllll the way around the corner with my Dad close by. Santa had disappeared into thin air!

I walked back to my house a little disappointed that I did not actually get to see him up close or talk to him, but still pretty excited and amazed that he was that close to my very own house.

It was cold outside so I came back in the door and right before my very eyes, the tree was all lit up and presents were everywhere!!! He had been in my house when I was outside chasing him!!!

There was a new doll with a whole wardrobe of clothes. I remember one outfit in particular. She had a little gray coat with a matching hat, and the hat had black velvet ribbon to hold it on her little head.

My Mom had stayed up late after I had been put to bed so she could get the doll's wardrobe done.

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Now that I am a mom, I realize on a sailors salary what a sacrifice it was to have such an amazing Christmas. The thought and planning it took to pull off such a Christmas surprise is something this girl has never forgotten!!

My special Christmas doll is long gone, but the memory will last a lifetime!

Do you have a special childhood Christmas Memory? Please tell us!!!

Thank you for letting me be a bit nostalgic today! You bloggers are the BEST!!!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Walking down a Christmas memory lane!!