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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I interrupt this post to announce a," Sale Alert, at Target. " Would you believe you can get a headboard for under $50?  Only at Tarjay!!

How about some pillows from Grandinroad to add to your new black headboard?

I have one more item, this is not on sale but it is still a great price and I love its shape.

This lovely little side table is by Martha Stewart for Grandinroad

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Getting a Great Deal

Is It Lavender or Lilac?

Southern Accents magazine.  Designer Amelia Handegan

Is it Lavender or Lilac?  These are two gorgeous colors.  Lavender is a light to pale purple with a bluish hue and Lilac is a light to pale purple with a pinkish hue.  I love to look at both of these colors  and yet, I never use them in my own home.  Often we think of a little girls room when we think of either of these two colors.  If the room has too much of either of these colors it will appear too sweet.  A room done in shades that are too vibrant of either of these colors will seem harsh and jarring to the eye.  I want to show you some " grown-up" rooms done very nicely in Lavender and/or Lilac.   I always pause when I see a room done well in either one of these colors.  Here are some pictures that just made me take pause and say," Aaaaaaah!"

This room has a nice contrast between the dark brown and the lilac.

Very Pretty!

With just a touch of Lilac in the lovely flowers, this room reads as a Lilac room.

What a comfy looking chaise.  I love the softness of the lavender velvet. It looks so inviting to me. Notice the blue-gray in this lavender?

How delightful would it be to sit here and have a wonderful meal with so many pretty things in lavender to look at?

Notice just a hint of lilac on the walls, keeping it soft and gentle to the eye.

This homeowner, reallllly loves lavender!  I have to mention the great beamed ceiling in this picture

What a pretty combination, Spring green and lilac

Aaaaaah! Isn't this a sweet nursery?

Just subtle touches of lavender here.

Whoa!!! Although this room is well decorated, the vibrant Lavender took it to a place that , personally , I do not want to go.

You can see when a color is used in the right value it can be a beautiful  room, however, when done overboard it is very jarring to the eye.

I will leave you with this final picture of Lavender done in the very best possible way.

"Enjoy the Process" Of:  Discovering ways to use Lavender in your Home.