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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I love the architecture and interest that moldings can bring to a room
I have been noticing a trend in moldings lately. Have you all noticed that there are some that are painting the walls and the molding the same color?  Sometimes they are even done in the same finish!

I recently went to a Restoration Hardware store and they are completely re-vamping their look and their store. I could do a whole post on just their look, but today I want to talk about their walls and their moldings.

We all know that gray is the new “IT” color and I guess they thought so too.  All the walls and the moldings are painted in a medium value gray and dimly lit by halogen lighting.

I have to say it was depressing. There was no life, no color. The variations in the rooms came in the form of textural differences, but the colors lacked luster at best. I know that this is a particular style trend, but I for one am not impressed with a whole room or house done in this look. The word that comes to mind is “Boring!” IMHO.

I digress, back to moldings and walls painted the same color.  Here are a few examples where the walls and the moldings are painted in the same color.
entry (360x460)
dark (320x400)
dining room (375x500)
untitled (500x375)
kitchen (434x553)
game room (375x500)
Next I am going to show you some rooms with a subtle contrast in the colors used for the walls and the moldings.
contrast (500x375)
subtle 4 (540x429)
subtle (394x448)
subtle 2 (437x600)
subtle 3 (384x576)
Now let’s look at high contrast between the colors used on the walls and molding.
high contrast 2 (466x582)
What would this room look like with the moldings painted the same color and finish as the walls?
high contrast (470x469)
blue green (500x330)
dark gray (375x500)
navy (353x395)
This is what I have concluded from thinking about this new trend. I personally do not like the moldings and the walls painted in the same color and finish. I prefer contrast, whether it is subtle or a high contrast.

I think when the walls and the moldings are painted the same it makes the room look dull and as if it was a spray and go paint job. I know we have all seen those before. I actually saw a job where the painter sprayed all the walls in a home and when it came to the kitchen he sprayed down a wooden spoon in the kitchen drawer. Unbelievable!!

I am a detail girl and I love nothing better than a beautiful simple molding treatment that stands out subtly or in a high contrast way. I for one hope this new trend does not stick around  too long.

So after seeing all the above images, have you noticed the rooms that are being featured with no contrast in the moldings? How do you feel about this look????
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Studying the new trends and deciding if you would like them in your home.