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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More blue and white with a little addition!

It is no secret that I love the cool classic look of blue and white. When looking at images of this classic color combination I found that I am always drawn to images with one pop color and that color is PINK!
I think a blue porcelain vase with pink flowers is always beautiful.
Image from “ A Passion for Blue and White” by Carolyne Roehm
I have used this picture before in this post. It still attracts my attention because of the soft blue walls and the beautiful simplicity of the pink floral arrangement.
I realized when doing this post I like the blue and white to be the dominate colors and the pink to be in a small dose as an accent, usually in a floral arrangement simply done. How about you? Do you prefer more pink with your blue or, do you have another accent color that you like with blue?
The same bathroom as above but this is the tub view. Calgon take me away!
I love everything about this image!
lonny magl
Lonny Magazine 
This is blue in the form of turquoise, but again I like the little doses of pink as an accent.
This is the only picture where I found pink to be the dominate and blue as the accent. I think this space is so interesting and the pink is soft enough and surrounded by a neutral, making it is very pleasing to my eye.
Soft, calm and relaxing.
I learned a little about myself doing this post. It appears that I love blue and white in the forms of any blue and white!! As far as pink I like it mainly in small doses, usually in flowers. I hope this opens your creative minds to possibilities of using some blue and white with your own personal preference of an accent color.
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Using Blue and white with a pop of a favorite accent color.