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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shoes and Purses OH MY!!

I know I am not alone in my love of shoes and purses. I would venture to say there are those with more and those with less shoes and purses than I have. 

Point being I have too many, and it is becoming a storage issue. I have mine neatly in labeled boxes, but labels or not, there are just too many. Remember I am an organized hoarder!!

I have found some clever ways to store shoes and purses that might be help to me and you if you are like me, a lover of shoes and purses.

I think  before I even start thinking about storing my shoes, I need to get really serious about what is the criteria for keeping them will be.....

1. If they have a high heel they must go, I no longer can wear high heels. Yes, sad but true. Only lower heels now!!

2. Do they still fit. (This is one are that I do not fluctuate when my weight goes up and down. I have very thin feet, in fact my feet and hands are the only really thin part on my body at this stage in the game. Much to my chagrin!!)

3. Will I ever wear them again. (This is the one area that I slip up on, I don’t think I am realistic here. I can talk myself into a resounding YES very easily!)

4. Are they still in style and in good shape? (This is the easiest criteria to follow for me.)

With this criteria I am ready to start my intentional purging process!!!!

Let me show you some of the ideas I came up with for storing shoes…….

I know you all remember this under the bedskirt idea. This particular image was the most popular image copied from my blog!!

This next idea is another fun and functional idea……..

I was thinking if you took an Ikea storage ottoman, and purchased an inexpensive shoe bag that could be cut into strips you could make your own ottoman more cheaply. Since this ottoman by Lilly Pullitzer is $999.00. I am sure we can do it for less with the following……..

This ottoman is $129.00 now all we need is some fun material to line the bottom and add this………

By cutting this Target shoe bag ($8.99)into strips we can attach it around the edge and Voila!! Our very own stylized shoe storage ottoman.

If you like your shoes hidden, and undercover this is a great storage item from Ikea that only takes up 6”depth so it would fit on any open wall area in your closet.

This nice little cabinet is $139 and holds 12 pairs of shoes.
They also have another piece that would be great in an entry hall that was narrow, or a mud room……

This item will hold 8 pairs of shoes and will take up very little floor space.

This next idea is something I would like to incorporate in my very own closet……..

I saw this when visiting Laura Casey’s blog. I had actually thought of this before, but I had forgotten about it. 

Thank you Laura for the reminder. I have a whole wall I can add some shelves for my purses or whatever I decide I need extras storage for.

Well, I think I need to get off the computer and get going on my purse and shoe purging day!!! Wish me luck and send me good thoughts, I need all the help I can get.

If you have any other great ideas on purging shoes and purses or storage ideas, please leave a comment. We all love help from experienced organizers and purging peers!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

♪♪♫Purging Merrily Along ♪♫♪