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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Porch Sneak Peek

I posted earlier this week about my Spring Cleaning and the Spruce-up of my front porch here. I thought I would show you my porch emptied out and a little sneak peek of some of the elements that are going to be on the porch.
front porch clean-up 004
These are the items that came off of my porch. All of these will be going back on the porch except for one. You will have to see which one was eliminated in the reveal post.( If that ever gets to happen at the rate I am going)
front porch clean-up 003Here is my porch all emptied out, ready for its sweep down and hose down. You can see some of the spider webs by the timer on the wall. We killed two black widows. Now you have to understand this is where my chair sits. I have my coffee there in the mornings, Yikes. Don’t worry Hubby sprayed after it was all cleaned up. It is a small porch measuring 16ft long by 4 ft deep but it is big enough to have  two chairs comfortably.
Now for a few pictures hinting of what is to come!!
front porch clean-up 005 
front porch clean-up 007
front porch clean-up 008
front porch clean-up 010
front porch clean-up 009
That is all the hints you get for now. I think you can tell what colors I am using, can’t you?!
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Making Your Home Look Like Spring has arrived.