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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playroom Inspiration

Now that you all know I am working on our playroom I thought I would share with you some of the pictures I have saved over the last year as my inspiration…………..

Love the colors.  The lamps are what makes this room pop!!
I also like the addition of baskets for texture and a depth of color.

1[6] (400x300)
Great option for storage.

Black adn Spiro
Black and Spiro
A perfect spot to read. The books on display are not only decorative, but it encourages reading, and I am all about encouraging  children to read!!

The colors used in this room are, fun and the extra storage under the bed is always needed.

I like the clean look of the furniture and the low profile of storage.

Picture_14[1] (487x284) (487x284)
Again, I love the colors, and I think a cozy nook for reading or napping is a great idea.

Great looking fabric on the roman shade and the bookcases outlining the window make a perfect frame work.

Add a little navy and turquoise and I would love the colors in this room. I think the small daybed with storage is great for a child's room.

This room just says, “FUN” to me. I love the use of bright colors and the baskets are another great storage idea.

So there you have my inspiration!! Can you tell what direction I am going to go towards and what are some the elements I will be using.

If a client were to give me these images I would dissect them to find out which of the above elements would need to be in the clients room in order to please them. Can you figure out mine????

“Enjoy The Process” Of:

Using inspiration to help you plan out a room design!!