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Monday, September 13, 2010

How I Discovered That I Did NOT Like Orange !

Johnathon Adler’s Home
Do not pass out, that is right I am doing a post on the color Orange!! For those of you that read my blog you already know that I dis-like the color orange and I have mentioned it many times. In fact a few of my fellow bloggers love to tease me once in awhile about that very fact. You all know exactly who you are!!
I thought I would tell you all how my Hate dis-like for the color orange originated.

A long long time ago in a far off place. Oops!! that is another story.

In 1973 we purchased our very first home. We were so excited even though it was an older  home it was our very first and we loved it. It needed a few things done and one of the main things was the kitchen floor.

I know I am showing my age on this post too. Back in the olden days the new kid on the decorating block in flooring was Armstrong solarian linoleum. It was a very good product and a bit higher priced than other linoleum's. Since it was the 70’s the color “Rust” was also the new kid on the block.

We paid our hard earned money they laid the new “Rust” flooring down.  I bought rust colored curtains for the adjoining laundry room. I was Happy Susie Homemaker.
Until………..!!! I woke up the next morning and looked at my shiny new floor and I literally shuttered. Oh NO what have I done, I hate it!! It  actually made me feel nervous and unsettled!!

So that is how Kathysue began to hate orange and she has lived happily ever after without any orange in her life.

The following images are dedicated to all of my fellow bloggers and readers that love the color orange. If this does not show how much I will do for my readers nothing will!!!
BED (400x400)
BLUE AND WHITE (360x460)
BRIGHT PINK (346x348)
GRAY (430x600)
JUST A TOUCH (400x322)
kELLY HOPPEN (459x460)
Kelly Hoppen
LATTICE (600x262)
LOVELY (358x431) 
PAINTING (600x397)
PENDENT (489x333)
RUST (429x600)
STUNNING (527x599)
SUBTLE (400x400)
THOM FELICIA (438x556)
Thom Filicia 
untitled (400x400)
So there you have it!! A dose of orange for all of YOU!!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Seeing beauty in all things, even ORANGE!