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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


With the beginning of a New Year I usually just look at it as just another day and the passing of time.

However, this year I have a wonderful feeling of:

“Anticipation & Excitement!”

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I am not sure why this year feels different to me, but it truly does.

I feel as if I have a renewed appreciation for my life, and all of my many blessings.

I also have the desire to grow as a person in so many areas of my life.

I am older and wiser, and I seem to be able to zero in on areas without too much anxiety, or with an attitude of failure before I even begin.

Part of the reason for this growth is, I have learned to take baby steps to achieve a goal.

In the past, it seems as if I looked at the whole enchilada, as the saying goes.
I now choose to look at change as small increments of discovery, and accomplishments.

I love the saying, “ I am just going to chip away at it.”
I think of Michael Angelo, and how he chipped away at a huge slab of marble and created a master piece, one chip at a time.

I am not claiming that I will be making any masterpieces, but I am going to, “chip away,” at my projects and goals, one chip at a time!!

In the upcoming weeks we will all be sharing some of the projects, and goals we would like to accomplish.

  If you are like me I am sure many of the projects and goals on our list will be familiar. Chances are they have been on previous list from years gone by. Sound familiar?

That is Okay, keep them on your list and chip away!!!!

I will be sharing some of my aspirations for the upcoming year in my future post. Some of them will be new and others will be things that I still need to work on.

Most, will not be life changing, but things I would like to add to my life or just subtle changes here and there.
They will involve:

How I spend my time.  
Improvements on my health 
How I spend my monies. 
Changes in my home. 
How I take care of my skin, hair and body  
Wardrobe boosters with new items and colors.

 Are any of these items on your list for this year?

I would imagine my list is quite similar to many of your own list. Where we might differ a bit, is in our approach to all of these areas of our lives.

 Whatever you approach is, I  hope you come along with me for the ride because without all of YOU is just isn’t nearly as much fun!!

 Kathysue is:

Enjoying The Process of living her life, one day at a time and enjoying it  along the way!!

BTW: I am guest posting on Marilyn Trainor's blog. She has done a wonderful series of Design resolutions by many different designers. They are wonderful post full of inspiration. Go HERE to read the series.