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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Colors Make YOU Smile?

After all the busyness of the holidays January is a hard month to get your,“Want-To!, and Get-up & Go back! in gear.”

My friend Delores of Vignette Designs wrote a post titled, “Blah, Blah, Blah!” I think the title says it all for this time of year.

For some reason I came right out of the gate ready to organize, and purge my home. Trust me when I tell you this is not my normal pattern for this time of year. I am usually in what I call a slump. This year it is a bit different for me I am still waiting for my slump to hit me. 

I have made some good progress in my master bedroom closet, but unfortunately I had a little mishap with my knee so it has slowed me down a bit. I am hoping this little set back does not make me lose my momentum.

Since this month, and part of February finds us all in a bit of a Blah, Blah mood I thought maybe it would be a good time to write a post about something we can all do to put a little zip in our do-dah!!!

I made a New Years Resolution for my Design life this year in a guest post on MS Design Maven Blog. I decided that I want to add more color, and whimsy to my home.

I am drawn to happy colors, and cheerful rooms full of light. If I see a room like this it will inevitably put a smile on my face.

I am sure I am not alone in the desire to have rooms in my home that will put a smile on my face. I would never assume to think that adding color in your home would be the end all answer to  the Blah’s, but I would venture to say there is , “A color” or a combination there of that will make you smile.

I am going to show you some images that made me stop, and grin when I first saw them. Maybe just maybe it might inspire you too.

I told you I was going to show you some light filled happy spaces. I am not advocating that you design a room exactly like any of the rooms I will be showing you.

However, I hope that you will study each image, and notice where the pops of colors are placed, and maybe you can apply the same concept in your own home.
In the above image I am noticing a couple of things that I could possibly do in my home. The large colorful piece of art is a wonderful focal point. Look around your home to see if you have a wall, or walls that you could add a cheerful piece of art.

How about pulling your favorite color up to your chandelier, and painting your light fixture a bright color. An easier less expensive solution is the colorful rug, poufs and pillows.

In the above image you will notice that the main elements are all in a neutral gray. One pop of bright yellow makes this composition smile. 

The simple flowers are just the right compliment to the yellow. I am sure we can all add some bright happy flowers to an end table, or an entry hall table. Think about finding a nice ottoman in a bright color to add to your neutral color scheme in a small dose.

I love this kitchen. I think this is a wonderful example of how the homeowner made an all white kitchen have personality. By choosing a bold pattern and colored wallpaper the whole room comes alive, even though it is one wall at the end of the room. 

This one wall probably only took about four single rolls of wallpaper. Depending on the cost of the paper you could do this very inexpensively. 

The other element that really adds to the style of this room is the use of the black trim on the roman shades. What the trim does is ground the wall and make it more sophisticated. An easy application with some trim on a ready made white roman shade and you can have another new addition to your home.

This image  is a wonderful example of a neutral color scheme that gets some life by adding two lovely turquoise vases. We can all do this!! Maybe it won't be turquoise in your home, but think of a color that makes you smile and use that color. Mine would have to be cobalt, yellow or lime!!!

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Speaking of lime green, if you were to remove the lime green lamp from this vignette it would not have the interest that it does with it. Look for a lamp base with some color, and add it to a dull corner of the room and watch it come to life.

A neutral gray kitchen comes alive with two of my happy colors, bright yellow, and cobalt blue. If you think about it the only permanent items with color are the bar stools, and they do not look as if they were very costly. Lemons and tulips, and daffodils can all be purchased at the grocery store. Doesn't this make you smile.

We have seen so many neutrals and colorless rooms in the recent past. I have been noticing more, and more color emerging, not just in home design but also in clothing. I am so glad to see it available to the consumer.

I don't know about all of you, but I am definitely going to try, and add a touch of more color to my home in 2012!!

I hope this post has given you a slight nudge towards finding a color that makes you smile, and that you can think of your own method of adding it to your home.

What color or color combination brings a smile to your face?

"Enjoy the Process!" Of:

Creating a room that makes you smile!