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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Busy Brain = TROUBLE!

My brain is busy today, but I am not, so that is a formula for getting into trouble!!

Today seems to be a day of many thoughts going on in  my brain. Of course it all has to do with decorating, well, at least mostly.

Today's thoughts consist of:

How to ask Hubby to paint my little childhood desk cream without him saying NO!!…

magazine basket 026 (394x800)_thumb[2]magazine basket 014 (600x800)_thumb[2]
( when I was a little girl this desk was painted almost the same depression era green as my cabinets)

Let’s go outside for awhile!

 I am trying to figure out how to light the pergola above the fence.

Backyard 024 (600x800)
(I think using some strip lighting hidden on the cross board on the top might just do the trick.  I would love a little hanging lantern, but not enough head room.)

Since I am thinking about lighting, how about the
lighting for my two  vintage outdoor neon letter P’s.

Backyard Blues 018 (800x600)
letter P 003 (800x600)
(Live-in handy-man trying out different spots on the back wall to hang my newest letter P)

letter P 001 (600x800)
(Getting a little less happy with each time I ask him to move it, go figure!)

Now I am jumping into thoughts of my bedroom! Let's go back into the house and down the hall to my bedroom......
Wanting my capiz hanging pendants hung above my nightstands. I have had these for almost a year, they are still in the box!

New Bed 010 (800x600)
 Won't they be pretty!?

How about a little catalog shopping!?

Still hunting for round mirrors for side of bed, (wisteria has the perfect one’s, waiting for them to go on sale!)
I am thinking of two mirrors in different sizes  stacked one on top of the other similar to the above picture. I would use the smallest size and the one on the bottom in this image.

Here are the two sizes and styles.......

This one is only 10.5 inches.

This one is a little different and measures 15.5 in. in diameter.

I have recently sent away for three more pillow fabric swatches for a summer look, more on that later. I am now onto plan C!!

Do your thought processes jump around like mine do?