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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time, "To Do!" and "To Shop!"


In the last two post you had a little bit of homework.
You needed to make some list, but in today’s post the only list you will be making is a To Do List, and A Shopping list.

 Hopefully you have read the last two post in this series :

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If not, go do that, and come right back here.

For those of you that did read the last two post it is
time to get to work.

This is actually the fun part.

Often we will add more, and more elements to a room we don’t like because we think we don't have the right combination.

We keep searching for just the right thing. The results, or pitfall of this way of thinking is we wind up with a room full of clutter.

Just think you are about to see your home in a whole new light.

First things first:

I want you to go into the room  that you want to make some changes, and remove all of the knick-knacks, lamps, artwork. 

Everything except the furniture. 

I want you to place your items in categories:

1. Textures: shiny, rough and all wood items
2. Color
3. Sizes: Big, medium and small.

This will help you later when it comes time to put things back into your room.

By doing this you have just created a clean slate to work with.

Now is a good time to do some painting if that is on your, “Can Do list.”

With a clean slate you can now look at your room more objectively.

Look at the furniture arrangement and ask yourself the following questions…

1. Can it  be moved around for a better function and aesthetics?
2. Do you need to take any pieces of furniture out of the room?
3. Are their furniture pieces in the rest of your home that would work better in this space?

(If you have more time than energy, or brawn use this site to help you see your room in different arrangements before actually getting physical…….
Better Homes and Gardens Room Arranger click HERE!)

Once you have your room arranged in the manner you are happy with I would like you to bring in all of your lighting.


I am going to stop here for just a moment, and tell you that most rooms do NOT have enough lighting.

Did you know that there is actually a formula for how much lighting a room needs?

Ribbet Edit how much lighting2

Once you figure out how many watts you need in your room place your lamps in the room. Don’t forget to look in other rooms for lamps that might look better in this room.

If you find you are on the shy side for lighting add a new lamp, or two to you shopping list.

Next I want you to bring in the items that you absolutely love into the room. 

Remember when I had you put things into categories? 

Before bringing anything back into the room you will evaluate what your room needs according to size, texture , or color of each item you are about to place into the room.

I find it easier to place the larger objects, and the objects that are for functional (like lighting) first.
Larger pieces would be lamps and artwork.


Most people hang their artwork to high, and  very often  it is under sized for the area.

how to hang picts.

If you need some ideas go HERE! and you will see all kinds of possibilities, and configurations. Also if you go HERE you will find many post on how to hang artwork.


Don’t forget to shop your own home first before writing anything down on your shopping list.

Now that you see your room from a different perspective it just might open up a new possibility that you had never imagined.

One by one start adding ONLY the items that you truly love, and find beautiful and want to surround you.

All of the above takes time, research, hard work and patience, but the end result will be a room you are much happier with and love being in.

If you have made it this far in the series I am very proud of you and happy for you.

In my next post I am going to give you some clever inexpensive ways to change things in your home that won’t break the bank.