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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is Hanging On Your Door?

One of the very first areas I decorate is my front porch! I want to greet my guest and help them get into the  Christmas spirit by putting some festive elements outside. The first element that goes up is a wreath for my front door. I tend to like it simple or over the top!!

I save images in files all year long and I have a wreath folder that has some different takes on wreaths that I like. I don’t know about you all, but I love a new idea. I hope after seeing some of these images you get inspired to do something a little different or unexpected.

4 (400x400)
Although this is not actually a wreath because it is round and it has a lovely green garland around it, it comes off as a wreath. Love this idea!

14 (300x300)
This is so simple and I think this would look so cute in a kitchen. Can you imagine these hanging in the window.

7 (400x400)
Not a traditional wreath at all!!! Love the freshness of this display. Great color combination also.

8 (400x400)
For those of you that like gardening and a country look, how about a bucket full of holiday greens?!!

6 (400x400)
If one is good, three is better!

3 (400x400)
Another image of three in a row. Simple and elegant.

12 (300x300)
If three is too many how about two?  I love a square wreath.

5 (400x400)
How about two again?  This time they mixed round and square together, I just bet there is another round one on the right side, or at least that is what I would do.

9 (400x400)
How do you all feel about one wreath on double doors? I just don’t like seeing that, but here is a great solution. Split the wreath in half and when the door is closed the wreath is centered. Someone really had their thinking cap on.

10 (400x400)
There is nothing like a traditional Williamsburg wreath with a pineapple to represent a warm welcome to all who enter.

11 (300x300)
This is definitely more of a traditional wreath. I do love the three fresh flowers in the center. If you get the little tubes of water from the florist you could change the flowers weekly. This is a fun idea.

13 (300x333)
We have all seen the bright red berry wreaths. What I do like about this is using the ribbon as a hanger and NOT putting a tight bow at the top. They just let the ribbon curl naturally. I like this much better than a tight bow.

2 (554x735)
Outlining this wreath with a frame is a great idea and it also eliminates an un-wanted hole above the fireplace.

1 (554x599)
Sorry for the blurry picture, but I have shown you two wreaths, three wreaths and now I am showing how to use four wreaths.

The next three pictures are of my front door last Christmas. I took the pictures at night so the lighting is not very good. I am sorry about that!

 I like to use real greenery on the front porch. I love the fragrance that the  fresh cypress or pine gives each time the door is opened.

I don’t use a traditional wreath, although I do love that look also. You all know me, I like something a bit different so I used one of my favorite elements.

A letter that represents our family name, the letter “P” Nothing elaborate just simple. I purchased this wreath several years ago from Ballard. If you would like one they are on sale right now go HERE to order one. I tend to go with a  simple design or over the top in my holiday decorating.


P1030419 (800x600)

P1030429 (600x800) (2)

If you need a little more inspiration be sure and go to this wonderful video that Eddie Ross did for Sears. He will show you step by step how to do an amazing entrance to welcome your holiday visitors.
Eddie for Sears:
( just click and it will take you right to the video)

Are you inspired yet? Will you do fresh or faux, or maybe a mixture of both?  Remember fresh is a wonderful welcome with its pine scent!!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Hanging a wreath on your door to welcome in the Holidays and your guest!!!


Holiday hint:

Your front door is the perfect place to use a real pine wreath to give a wonderful scent to your front porch.
If you need a hanger to hang your wreath go here for some great options.