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Friday, November 21, 2014

14 Ideas To Take Your Holiday Table Over the TOP!!!


One of the simplest things to take your Holiday table over the top is a special place card. 

It does not have to be fancy, nor does it have to take a great deal of time. In fact  all of the ideas I am about to show you could be done easily and quickly.

By doing this one little extra detail, it will show your guest you think they are special, and that you were thinking of them personally. 

After all how can you write someone’s name without thinking about them!?


Mini pots and moss from any craft store and you can find clear votive holders cheaply at the dollar store or places like Cost Plus and PierI.

A little twig to hold the simple name tag that can be made out of brown grocery bag paper, we all have that on hand.

Super easy a leaf and a can of spray paint and a black marker. Voila! You have a place card!!

This little bag has the menu type written on the front, but you could just as easily do this with a pen and at the very top write the guest name, such as KATHYSUE’S MENU FOR TODAY!

A trip out to the backyard could offer up a few twigs to use as place cards by writing with a marking pen on the twig. You could even spray paint them gold or silver or white!!!

Another use for the brown paper grocery bags!

So simple and so festive.

I really love this idea and you could use any fruit that fit your theme or color scheme. Brown parchment paper you can but at the grocery store a little twine and Voila!!

I know this does not have a name on the plate, but it could. Purchase inexpensive dollar store clear plates and write your guest name on them. 

You could then use them to send home some leftover dessert with each guest using their own personal plate. A dual purpose plate!!

I love this whole set-up the little pumpkin looks so cozy all nestled in the bowl, and napkin. Notice the way the silverware is displayed and tied with twine.

Button mums are so inexpensive and placing them in an oasis ball that has been soaked in water they will stay fresh for quite awhile, well over a week.

Paper card, ribbon and calligraphy pin for the name and place fragrant rosemary on top of the napkin and you have a festive place card.

A little chalkboard tag with rosemary, lavender and a feather and each guest has a fragrant little bouquet at their plate. 

Another take-away from this is the use of cloth tea towels for napkins. Casual and very functional as well.

Feathers leaves and cloves! Use some brown packing tape to write the persons name, and you have a beautiful, and fragrant place card.

All of the above ideas are so easy to do and you still have time to make them before next Thursday!!!

You can find all of these ideas, and more on my Thanksgiving pinboard on pinterest where I have over 380 ideas pinned!