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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Have All My Elements Pulled Together!!!

One of the steps I do in planning a special Holiday table is to pull all the elements I plan on using together in order to make sure they give me the look and feel I have in mind.

It is very much like doing a story board for a client. It shows the client how all the fabrics and elements will work together. Doing this process shows me how all my elements relate to each other.

I thought I would give you all a sneak peek of the elements I am going to use on my table. I also want to show you how important it is too pull the elements together in order to see how it will possibly look.

Easter 2011 Prep 001 (800x600)
Yellow and white plates, white table cloth and napkins with pops of green brought in by my water pitcher, grosgrain ribbon and moss.

Easter 2011 Prep 002 (800x600)
This image shows the two types of moss I will be using.

Easter 2011 Prep 004 (800x600)
I am not sure I will be using the rick rack, it is looking a bit cutesy to me.  This is how it works sometimes. Often you will choose an element that looks perfect in your minds-eye. Once it is placed with the other elements it just seems off.  We shall see if I actually use it in the end?!! All through the process there will be tweaking along the way to get the look that I am happy with.  That is just how the creative process works.

Easter 2011 Prep 005 (600x800)
The center of my centerpiece will be a galvanized tray and a French flower bucket. This will be pretty tall so when we all get ready to sit down and eat I will remove it to the buffet table for better conversation.

Easter 2011 Prep 008 (800x600)

Easter 2011 Prep 009 (600x800)
The base is ready to go. I used Irish moss around the edge and the ring around the French flower bucket is baby tears. I am liking the way it looks so far. The tray is fairly large so it took four six-packs of moss and three six-packs of baby tears.

Tomorrow I will be setting the table and adding fresh flowers. I don’t like to do the flowers too far ahead in order to keep them fresh looking.

So stay tuned for the finished product!!