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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New House Update: This and That!


Our move went so smoothly and we got settled in here right out of the gate I think it gave us a false sense of security we are now in the danger zone. 

You know the zone where you tell yourself you have all the time in the world to get the rest of the, “Stuff,” unpacked.  

When I say “Stuff,” I mean the things still in boxes that you don’t need in your everyday life.


I seem to have a shed full of that kind of stuff. 

Oh My!! 

Everything is packed neatly in boxes with my writing on them to tell me what the box contains.


Let’s face it, they have to be brought here ,and I need to decide if I am keeping, giving away, or donating them.


Then there is the Holiday season which I feel we are officially in, with Thanksgiving only 16 days away, and Christmas is only 44 days away. 

I don’t know about you all, but when I write those number of days down, I realize just how quickly all this is going to be happening and then the mental list starts going off like a ticker tape!!

moving boxes

With that being said, my mind goes from new home projects, landscaping, menu planning, to Christmas shopping for gifts and d├ęcor. 

So you can see why I don’t want to dive into the boxes just quite now. So much to do, but some of it will just have to wait until January.


Some decisions have been made!!
We did order our window treatments for the house so that is exciting, however they will take 6-8 weeks to get here so that will be after the Holidays.


Before we moved in I was pretty sure I was going to get bamboo shades for the great room, however after living here just a few days and studying how the sun moved throughout the day I realized I needed light control. 

With the bamboo shades they are either up or down and this girl loves light so having them down for half the day just would not do. Plus, I can not live with that much brown in my life.

The other thing I discovered while living here is this home has a slight elegant feel to it. I had great plans of going more casual, but the house spoke and she wants a classic look with a slight casual vibe.

New home window covering plantation shutters

There are two treatments that will let you control light in your rooms and that is blinds or shutters.

Since this house is calling for a certain look, and feel, along with function, the shutters seemed to be the way to go.

All our windows except for one will have plantation shutters. (that will be changing before I even finish writing this post.) 

I have never had shutters, but have always admired them so we are excited to see them installed.

The one exception is the dining room window at the end of our kitchen. I wanted something a bit different there.

In my minds eye a white roman shade with black trim would be absolutely perfect. I took the plunge and ordered some from Pottery barn….

PB roman shade for dining room
I just knew this would work. They arrived and guess what I was WRONG!!!

First the white is not white at all, a very creamy white, which I usually like, but with my swiss coffee walls it just did not work. 

The other surprise, too casual of a look for this room as well.
Hmmmmm? so what is a girl to do?

Stop the Process until she makes up her mind!!!

After thinking about it long and hard, and going over all scenarios in my mind I am going to get the shutters like I have in the Great room. 

I had to consider what would be on each side of the window and also the furnishings in the room, table and chairs style and the low boy server.

If I choose later to add some side panels to soften the look, I can do that, but for now we will have a very sharp looking base with all shutters.


The other thing we got for our new house is a door mat! Aren’t you excited for me? Okay, maybe not, but I was really excited to get it!!

I ordered it from Grandinroad, and it came yesterday.
 It looks perfect on our front porch.
door mat
Of course ours has a letter, “P” on it!
I highly recommend this mat, it is so thick, and well made. It makes a beautiful statement at the front door. This would also make a great Christmas gift as well.

With Christmas on my mind, I have done a little shopping online, and also I have been pinning images for inspiration. More on that later.

My Mom came and stayed with us this weekend, so she was our first over night guest. We had a wonderful visit and she loved the new house and felt quite comfy here. 

Having family here is what makes it feel more like home to us than anything else.

Basically this has been my week in a nutshell, but there are more decisions to make and more project to be done, so come back to see how I am going to.........