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Friday, July 20, 2012

What Colors Do YOU like in YOUR Bedroom?


Design will always be subjective, and so will our color choices. I find when it comes to our bedrooms we will choose a color that gives us a particular feeling.

I know in choosing the colors for my master I definitely went for a feeling of tranquility that the ocean gives to me.

I wanted a soft, soothing, ocean feeling. Soft blues of the sky, white of the clouds, a soft linen color representing the sand and blues and greens found in the water.

When I enter my bedroom at night I have to say I take a deep sigh, and I am ready to be transported to a good nights sleep.

All the above images are of my very own master bedroom/bath area.  

As you read in my previous post we will be getting a new bed (hopefully!)I thought I would show you some of the images that inspired me when we went looking for a new bed.

It was important to me that the new bed maintained the original look and feeling of the existing bed. Here are some of the rooms that inspired me………

This bed is very close to the look that my new bed will have. It has a darker frame with lighter fabric. It even has a bench at the end of the bed with a linen gingham fabric similar to mine.

I love the soft muted tones using mostly creams and whites.

The walls in this room are very similar in color to my wall color. I love the all white bedding. This is the direction I think I will be going.

Another all white bed with just a soft touch of color and an over sized bolster. I love an oversized bolster or lumbar pillow on beds or sofas. I am probably going to have a soft linen colored lumbar pillow made for my room.

The softness of blue and white is so appealing to me. I do find it hard to find just the right blue with just the right softness. It seems as if most of the blues I find are either to gray or a tad dark for my taste.

This room has all the colors that I love, plus a pop of green. I love the botanical leaf prints on the wall. Notice the monogrammed lumbar pillow, this is what I have in mind for my bed

This room is done in all white and linen. I find this very soothing also, but would love it more if the walls were a soft shade of blue. Gorgeous bedding!!

In this room blue is more dominant. It is equally as soft and soothing as a room with more white.

These are only a few of the rooms that inspire me, if you would like to see more you can go to my Pinterest boards, just click on any of the titles below and it will take your right to my inspiration boards….

I am curious, what color, and feel do you like for your own personal bedroom?

Bed update: I just received a call, and our bed is in a truck on its way to Ethan Allen!!