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Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Happiness

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Sometimes a picture just says it all!!
Happy Easter to YOU and YOUR’S!!!

Frames Without Art!

I love art on the walls but I also love a beautiful frame! I have noticed some  homeowners who have used just picture frames without art and made wonderful collages of frames on their walls. I thought I would share a few of the images I have saved in my files............

I have had this picture saved with clippings from magazines and off of the web. I love the soft use of color here and I love the way the frames over-lap giving the composition deminsion.


Very simply done with all dark black or blackish frames.

I really like the use of a frame within a frame. Very clever!

Love the variety in size and shape. They keep it flowing  by using similar colored frames ranging from greens to yellows.


This is just cute! Love the old ornate frames painted in bright fresh colors. Do any of you remember the old Syrocco frames they use to sale at home shows. They were always so over the top and painted a not very pretty gold color. I am sure you could find many of those at Garage Sales or Flea Markets and paint them up and make them look new and fresh!

We just went from a lot of color to this very pale and white compostion. These frames actually look as if they were painted in the same finish as the walls. Flat to give them an almost plaster-look.

I like a little more color in my life. I am sure to get it in this room. Notice the frames are painted in similar colors as the pillows used on the settee.

Nice composition going down the staircase. They unified the compositon by painting the frames all the same color of paint.

If art is not in your budget right now, why don't you try some Empty Framed Art!!

I have to leave you with one last picture using frames without pictures in the most unusual way.........

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Thinking about wall groupings without Art.