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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't Throw In The TOWEL!!

Of all the rooms in my home I must say I love to design bathrooms the most. They are my favorite rooms  to design, decorate and even clean.  It is a room that when it is clean it sparkles and smells divine.  There is nothing prettier to me than a stack of fluffy white towels in a sparkly, clean bathroom.  In designing my master bath I was horribly disappointed when I did not have enough space to incorporate a tower to stack towels and display pretty apothecary jars filled with bathroom necessities.   I adjusted my plan and now I am very happy with the outcome.   I started thinking of  how pretty towels can be as a decorative part of your bathroom.  I went looking for clever ways to display  towels.

This is actualaly my shower with just a small stack of fluffy white towels sitting on the shower bench.  The above picture is my vanity sink in my master bathroom.  Come with me to look at some  fun and creative ways to display towels in your bathroom.

Hooks! Simple and functional.  I suggest hooks for families with small children.  I have found they will hang a towel but they won't fold one or put one on a towel bar.  These work well for the older male children in our lives also( Husbands).

Each towel on these hooks has someone's name on it. Now we know, which towel belongs to which child and so do they, no more confusion.  I have also suggested that each child gets their own color of a  towel.

This homeowner used colorful tabs to hang the towels on their designated hooks.  This is a good way to bring in just a litlle pop of color

These towels are not hanging but love the idea of marking their use! How fun is that?

In a cottage or vintage style bathroom how about a window box full of towels? This is just darling.

A basketful of  rolled towels is by no means a new idea but still a great one.

Speaking of rolled towels how about a couple of guest towels on your vanity in a pretty clear vase? This would add some interest and sparkle to your vanity area.

More rolled towels, this time in a garden urn! What a nice rough texture this would add to a bathroom.

A simple wine rack can also be used for rolled towels

These metal cylinders are a unique way to have towels on the wall and out of the way.  Baskets in a cylinder shape would also look great hanging on the wall.  Think of several cubes hanging on the wall to place your towels in.

Old and interesting ladders are a fun look!

This is from Martha Stewart showing another ladder,  this time in a worn white finish.

Aaaaaaah!  Fluffy White towels stacked on top of eachother, be still my heart.

I thought this would look darling in a childs bathroom or even in a country cottage.  I think I would hang it low enough to use the cross bar between the legs as a towel bar and the seat to stack towels on.  Can you imagine using three different chairs on the wall?   I think garage sales and tag sales would be a great resource to make this look happen in your home.

As you can see the ideas are limitless. So next time you are shopping start looking at pieces that could possibly hold towels in your bathroom in a fun and decorative manor . I would love to hear about some of the ways you all display your towels.

 Before I finish this post I have to leave you with this image:

" Enjoy the Process" of: Displaying your TOWELS in unusual and fun ways.