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Saturday, October 6, 2012

15 Ways To Add Fall To YOUR Home Without Orange

Fall decorating can be hard for a Springtime gal like myself. In years past I have developed a decorating plan that seems to work for me.

It all started with a list!!! I made a list of elements that evoked a Fall look that I do enjoy……..

Wooden bowls

Wooden turned candlesticks

Source: wisteria.com via Marcy on Pinterest

Wooden cutting boards

Pomegranates with their wonderful pinky red color

Source: beekman1802.com via Jan on Pinterest
Eucalyptus wreaths or leaves for the soft green

Cream or basil colored candles

Crisp red and green apples

Brass candlesticks that glow
Source: etsy.com via Maribel on Pinterest

Pumpkins and gourds in white and greens

Mums in white, purples and golden yellow


Bakelite silverware


Nuts and acorns

Branches in vases
Source: google.com via Kathy Sue on Pinteres

By having this list on hand it makes it easier for me to change my d├ęcor to a more Fall-like look.

You will notice that in my list there are no russets, or oranges! 

So you see it is possible to decorate for Fall without using any of the colors in the orange family!!

Do you like to us traditional autumnal colors, or are you like me?

For more ideas that I like for Fall go to my Pinterest board, "FALLISH!" 
(just click on the word Fallish!)