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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Change Is In The Air For Design


While perusing the web, or looking at design magazines I have been noticing a trend in d├ęcor lately. I am seeing a brighter, happier, collected over time look.


The look has a Traditional bend, but with a fresh twist of using unmatched pieces, and patterns, with brighter, happier colors.


The patterns in the room don’t coordinate, but for some reason they work together.

The shell of the rooms are usually in the color family of whites.

Robin's Egg Room

What is it that makes these rooms work?

I believe it is the love of each piece by the homeowner. There is a quality in each piece that creates a room that is pleasing to the eye when a homeowner chooses pieces that they love.

Cozy Corner Collected look

One of the things I love about rooms decorated in this manner is that they really make me look into every little detail trying to figure out why it works.

Personally I don’t think this is an easy look to get right. It could go terribly awry with just the wrong element placed in the wrong area of the room.

The collected room

These rooms tend to look effortless, but there has to be a very discerning eye to pull this look off. 

There is no particular theme going on. There is a bend towards Traditional with a mix of more contemporary, and the addition of found objects.

A Collected look with color
These rooms never look contrived, or obvious in their elements. You won’t find pillows matching the window treatments, or the chair fabric. It truly is a mixed bag of goodness!

COLOR seems to be the common thread in most of these interiors.

lovely look for the corner nook.
It is so much easier to coordinate fabrics in the same color family than it is to do a mixed bag of colors and patterns in a room  as pictured in the images in this post.
Easy and Breezy
Personally I am liking this look very much. It makes me smile, and I find it very interesting. 

Small Space Interiors - Claim the space around your Living Room or Bedroom Window. Painted built-ins.

In fact I had to make a Pinterest board  called, "INTERESTING!" because these rooms did not fit into any particular design style, or theme.  

Many call this look eclectic, but I call it good design.

What do you all think about this mixed bag of goodness in a room?

(All above images can be found HERE!)