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Monday, July 26, 2010

“Someday Family Room” Floor plan!!

In my last post I talked about the possibility of a floor plan for my,”Someday Room.” I love the idea of the two sofa’s facing each other so I drew up a floor plan to show you  how the furniture will fit in the room………
family room floor plan 001 (582x800)
You can do this for yourself if you would like just go to Better Homes and Gardens web-site to Arrange-a-room. It is really fun and it helps so much to visualize the actual room and whether or not the furniture will fit.

I allowed for two 7ft. sofas. A 3ft square coffee table. Two small club chairs with a table between them. Two end tables, one round, one square with a lamp on the square table. The circles are two floor lamps.
In making plans on changing any room it is important to also take inventory of the existing pieces that will stay in the room.

I have two pieces in the existing room that I will most likely keep. One is a natural pine armoire that houses the TV. That will go on the back wall. The TV is on a pull out and can be swiveled for viewing.

Here is a picture of the armoire……….
Family Room 052 

The other is a console table that could possibly be used behind one of the sofas against the wall. I do not have that in my room plan, but it is a possibility. Here is the console table…………
lights for fall
This is actually the wall where the armoire will be sitting. Since you can see the wall color pretty well in this picture this is the wall color I will be using again. It is a formula that I had made, I have had this color on the walls for over twenty years. Since it is a formula that I made up I will refer to it as Maize. I love this color and I am kind of married to it!! It gives me the light and freshness I love in a room.

Many of my clients in the past have asked me where do I start in planning out a room. All rooms and homeowners are different so it will vary. For me, I needed to see where the furniture pieces would go first in order to know what I should look for that is why on this project I started with the floor plan.

I have my floor plan so the next step for me is the color scheme. I need to know what colors I will be using in order to choose the wall color and also the fabrics for furniture. I will show you my inspiration for that in the next post!!
So now you have my room plan. What do you think? Would love your feedback!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Figuring out what furniture will fit in your room by using a floor plan.