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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Think I Have Another Problem!

I am not sure how many of you read what I wrote in small print at the bottom of my last post, but I said the next thing I was going to do a post on was lipstick and lip gloss.

Yes, it is true! I am addicted to lip gloss. I have this compulsion to put something creamy on my lips as soon as they feel remotely dry. I am sure the scientific community has a word for this addiction. For now we will just call it, “Slippery Lips!”

Last season I did a major purge of my lip glosses and lipsticks. I had about 56 or so. I know, I know!! I told you I think I am addicted to lip gloss!! Now the quantity is much less, but still way too many for one pair of lips to wear.

If you ever go shopping with me in the make-up department of any store you will find that I will buy at least one new lipstick or lip gloss. The funny thing is they are all about the same color. I put a swatch of my lipstick on a white piece of paper to show myself I need more variety or less of the same color.

Lipstick 015 (800x600)
You can see how close in color they all are. I think I have a problem!!!
I keep my little treasured friends in little plastic stacked drawers.

They are a bit of a jumbled mess at the moment, but I am about to remedy that with a good purge.

Lipstick 002 (800x600)

Lipstick 003 (600x800)
Lipstick 004 (800x600) 
  • First you must get out your make-up mirror.
  • Next you will need your make-up remover cloths
  • Gather all of you lip colors and start trying them on 

    I like to do this when I have  no make-up on. I figure if the color brightens up my look and works with my natural coloring it is a keeper. It is more obvious with no make-up on.

    I will admit, by the end of the ordeal my lips were a bit darker from being rubbed with the cleaning cloth, so keep that in mind and rub gently.

    I have purged and kept my favorites in one drawer, my wear once-in-awhile in another drawer and I even have a drawer of a few that I might get rid of on my next purge.

    Lipstick 012 (800x600)
    See that pretty little lilac gloss? That is my all time favorite lip gloss. It is one that I have bought repeatedly, by Bobbi Brown. I really think her glosses are the best, they stay on the longest for me.

    Lipstick 014 (800x600)
    This drawer holds the lipsticks that I wear the most. Count them!! Eleven!! That is really good for me!!

    Lipstick 021 (800x600)
    This last drawer holds the lip colors that I only wear once-in-awhile and a couple of lip liners. I now have 24 lip colors in my possession. I probably need to purge more, so I need to call in help!!! Seriously, I am going to have my BF look at the colors on me and help by being my mirror with an honest opinion!! Every one needs a friend like that in their life!!

    Through this process I did make a really good discovery……..
    …..I read a long time ago that there is lot of lipstick left in the tube after it appears to be all gone, or at least you can no longer put it on from the tube. I am not extremely green or frugal, but I thought this was worth trying.

    I do have one favorite color of lipstick( Rose Tea by Estee Lauder), and I had two tubes that I could only use if I used a lip brush in the tube. I took a toothpick and scooped out what was left in the tube and put it into a little plastic pot that a sample of cream came in.
    Lipstick 005 (800x600)
    Lipstick 006 (800x600)
    Lipstick 022 (800x600)
    It is not smooth like a new lip color would be, but it will work just fine with a lip brush.

    I was literally shocked at how much was in those two tubes. I now have a little pot of lip color that will last quite awhile. Normally I would have just tossed them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will not be washing out zip-loc bags and saving them or keeping all the rubber bands off of the veggies. I am so NOT that kind of girl, but I will be digging out the last little bit of my lipsticks from now on!! Try it, you will be shocked!!!
    So there you have it!! Another true confession from Kathysue!! I hope this inspires you to do three things.
    • purge your cosmetics
    • re-evalute the colors you are now using
    • dig out the last bit of lipstick out of your tube!!
    “Enjoy the Process” Of:

    Purging and Playing with your make-up