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Thursday, November 3, 2011


 In my last post I talked about my plans for my Thanksgiving table. It will have a dark lime and dark brown/umber color scheme.

The feeling is going to be a bit more rustic than my past centerpieces. I decided to have the elements of wood along with some natural elements such as artichokes, limes,nuts and twigs in a wooden box.

Now that I have the main core of the centerpiece figured out, I need to add some shine.
With all of these elements the one metal that came to my mind was pewter……..

As seen in the above image, I think the warm glimmer is such a perfect accent with wood and white ceramics.
Since I will be using my white dishes I think this will be a perfect choice for this years table.

I really like the way the silver ware is placed in the following images!

I could add some sprigs of rosemary in the arrangement to tie in this look for my table.

I think that any of the above ideas will work nicely with my over all design plan!!

I am well on my way! I am going to go  “THRIFTING,”  for some pewter pieces with a good friend of mine tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Pulling together your
Thanksgiving table!