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Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Is On It’s WAY!!!!!

Whoa!!! Do you realize that Easter is only nine days away?!!!  How are you all doing on your Easter plans? Do you have your table figured out, and your menu planned?

I did several post to help inspire you and myself and you can go here and here or even here. Oh and just one more here if you would like more inspiration.

Today I felt like I needed a little bit of push to really get going on my Easter plans. I looked at some of the images I had saved for inspiration and they really helped me get in the mood for Easter.

Now who could possibly not think of Easter when viewing this sweet little bunny?

Just think of your table in soft pinks and whites
country living mag

How about soft blues and greens......
Source: flickr.com via Kathy on Pinterest

The natural color of blue and green eggs would make a soothing color scheme for an Easter table……….
10 (400x400)
A fun metal basket filled with shade plants and dotted with pretty blue eggs. This is so simple and can be used after the Easter holiday.

11 (360x450)

A bright dose of orange and yellow........

This is just fun!!! By keeping a tight color scheme this arrangement has more punch. Orange is a favorite of so many and not usually a color used at Easter. What if you had a table using the softer side of orange, yellow and pink and a pop of lime green?

1 (337x411)
Again, a simple but fun table for Easter. Notice the baby carrots at each place setting?

securedownload[11] (524x652)

Springtime colors always work.......


All white........

Source: flickr.com via Kathy on Pinterest

I loved this image using balloons as molds to make over-sized lace eggs. Can you imagine making these in different sizes, and have them hanging over an all white Easter table? Oh my!! That would be amazing.


Afterall, even the Easter bunny has to look at images to get ideas!!!

I hope some of these images have inspired you!!! I know it helps me to write post like this to inspire myself!!

I already have my table planned but come back and I will share with you the images that have inspired my Easter table.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Planning and Easter table for your family and loved ones!