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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celebrating “60” In Egypt!!

As some of you know I have been on a three week vacation to Rome and on a Mediterranean cruise.

 Hubby and I went with two other couples that are long time family friends. While we were on this trip I celebrated my 60th Birthday. Here are just a few pictures of what I did on my 60th.

It all started the night before where Hubby surprised me with a Birthday dinner in the beautiful Murano restaurant on board ship. The dinner was amazing and the company was the best!
Holy Land 2010 744 (800x595)
I am the Birthday girl sitting at the table with the love of my life.

Holy Land 2010 746 (800x600)
A special Birthday cake. Yum chocolate, my favorite!!

Holy Land 2010 745 (747x800)
The waiters singing Happy Birthday with all kinds of accents and notes!!!

The next day off to Egypt to see the pyramids!! My son wrote this Happy Birthday note to me……..
I wanted to wish Mom a Happy Birthday! Not sure I'm comfortable with the symmetry of being born on Friday the 13th and visiting the Pyramids, a place renowned for ancient curses and all other manner of spooky stuff on the same day, but to each his...her own. ;) Hope you enjoyed your day and I'll see you guys when you get back. Love you!

That is right I was born on Friday the 13th 60 years ago!!! Love his sense of humor.

Holy Land 2010 823 (800x475)
It was a bit windy but warm and lots of dust in the air. The little numbers on our shirt are our bus numbers. Trust me there were a LOT of buses there!!!

Holy Land 2010 840 (800x312)
This picture not only shows the line-up of buses but the two largest pyramids and the Sphinx. It was truly amazing to be there in person.

Holy Land 2010 834 (800x600)
A close-up of the largest pyramid. Our tour guide told us the pyramid weighs over 11,000 tons. Amazing!

Holy Land 2010 830 (800x600)
This is a great shot of the individual stones and how they stair step upward.

Holy Land 2010 836 (800x315)
Full length of the Sphinx.

Holy Land 2010 842 (800x598) 

I had to take a picture of this image.  Yes, even in Egypt they have one of these……….
Holy Land 2010 788 (800x600)

Then we sailed off into the sunset……….
Holy Land 2010 855 (800x596)
………Tired and full of awe. This is a Birthday that this girl will never forget!!