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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Unbelieveable!! Cute and Comfortable Booties!!


If you are anything like me you are always on the quest for not only cute, but comfortable shoes, or in this case some winter booties.

I will admit I have an extremely hard foot to fit. It just happens to be the only skinny thing on my body! Okay well maybe my fingers are thin too, but that is another blog post, and another fit problem.

Today is all about the cute, and comfy booties I have found.

 via Jcrew

I already had one pair of really nice dark brown leather booties that were comfortable and looked nice with jeans, but I wanted to kick it up a notch with some of the newer looks that are so popular this year.


The requirements were:
  • Comfort above all
  • Narrow enough to not move up and down on my heel
  • A flat or a heel less than 2in.
  • A neutral suede bootie
Zappos, and Nordstroms have become my Go-To place for online shopping. 

Both places offer free shipping  To and also for Returns.

This is the only way I can shop online.

After having several, and I do mean several pairs sent to me I finally found the winner…..

Booties suede neurtal Enzo Angelini
They are comfortable and just the perfect neutral to update my wardrobe!

Next I wanted a boot that I could wear with dark washed jeans with a slight heel to elongate my somewhat, okay! Really short legs.

I have found if you wear a nice bootcut jean with a shoe close in color, or black it will elongate your leg, and a little bit of a heel will add more visual length.

When these arrived I almost did a happy dance……

navy bootie sole society nordstroms

The heel is the perfect height to elongate, but not too high that I would feel tipsy. 

Yes, I do feel a bit tipsy in heels these days!!

 I really love the leather color, and texture on this boot. It is a matte finish it almost looks like a suede but it is a nice soft leather.  Very excited to wear these this winter.

Now if this was not enough boots I had to get one more pair. 

My DIL, and my Granddaughter both have to-die-for black patent leather boots. They look amazing on them, and I have always loved, and secretly wanted a pair. 

Soooooo in comes my last fun bootie to add to my wardrobe.

black patent bootie, nordstroms

These are by far the most comfy and they made me giggle with happiness when I tried them on!!! 

These will be my dress-up, dress down boots. Extremely comfortable, with some great cushioning inside the shoe. 

I am one happy girl.

This completes my boot wardrobe, BUT if I were to buy another pair it just might be a pair of leopard.

Probably not going to happen this year, but you never know what might happen in the future!!!

Ribbet collage Bootie wardrobe

If you love shoes like I do take a look at
my, “SHOE!” pinboard…

I have to give props to my sweet hubby for not giving me too much grief every time the UPS man delivered, yet another pair of boots!!