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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Heart To Heart With Kathysue!!

This post is going to be a heart to heart. There won't be any decorating ideas or inspiration, just a real honest post about how I have been feeling lately. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and read on........

I feel as if I am going through an awkward stage. You know the stage when you feel like nothing in your closet fits or looks good on you. 

The disappointment in yourself because you did not lose the weight you thought you would lose by some miraculous happening, since you never exercised or went on a diet.

When you feel like your hair is no longer the right style, but are way too afraid to make a drastic change. 

The older women looking back at you from the mirror no longer resembles the gal that is pictured in your head.

This is a very awkward stage! Kind of like puberty right before you blossom into a beautiful young lady, but in reverse!!

Now I like to think I am a pretty positive gal, and I truly am, most of the time, but the past couple of weeks these feelings have been my reality. 

I decided to write about it to help me sort through it. I figured I am probably not alone in the way that I am feeling.

I am also very realistic, so I try looking at my past history to figure out what I will most likely do within reason. My past shows I won't do anything too drastic so I have to approach it all realistically.

 Yes! To top it all off I am a Libra and YES I require balance and peace in my life.

When I start to feel unbalanced I look inside to see which areas feel off kilter.

 Body, Soul and Mind

I have found it is usually because one or more areas of my life have taken over, or has been left behind.

We all need to feed our body, soul and mind so that is where I am starting.


Since we are about to change into  a different season, Spring, I figured I better start by being ruthless about what clothing pieces actually fit comfortably for Spring and only have those things hanging in my closet.

Let's face it there is nothing more disheartening than trying on 5 different items of clothing that don't fit properly right before you have to be ready to go out.

So I figured it is time to put away the things that ALMOST fit but not quite. Then I can evaluate what I truly have and can wear now. This will me seewhat gaps I have in my wardrobe.

I have to admit I have been feeling a little frumpy lately. Winter months will do that to you.

The other thing I am going to start doing is doing what I call a Kathy Perdue makeup, a little blush and lipstick, even if I am inside the house, Oh and curl my eyelashes. 

I don't like wearing makeup on my face unless we are going out for something special but without any makeup I look a little sickly, if you know what I mean.

I will say I am happy with the condition of my skin, minus the wrinkles which are a given at this age. My skin texture is still pretty good. I can thank the gene pool for that.

Probably one of the worst things I have done to myself lately is telling myself negative things about myself, just because I am not looking or feeling how I want to right now. That is counter productive so those negative thoughts are going to stop and in their place I will do something constructive and positive throughout my day.

The weather has finally settled into a lovely Spring weather pattern so a daily walk will be good for body, soul and mind.

There are always things we can do to make our lives better and more comfortable for the way we live. Just look inside and try your hardest to stay positive.