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Monday, August 14, 2017

My Fall Great Room Plans Keep Changing!!


Remember when I started working on my Fall decor for this year and mentioned that I knew it was too soon, but I had to get my plans settled because it would take time to find the right combinations and to place orders if need be?

I have been working and finding some things that I thought would work. I knew it looked good and would work but it did not quite feel like me, so I continued waiting for the samples of fabric for pillows to come in.

For some reason this particular combination of pillows looked contrived to me and after living with a few days I tired of it. 

Sometimes when something feels too obvious, or contrived it becomes less interesting as time passes.

We all have our own needs and desires when it comes to decor so there really are no set rules here. I am just telling you how I was  feeling about this particular mix.

I needed something that felt a bit off but still oh so right, something that added a bit of interest and the texture I was wanting.

 So I ordered a velvet and a faux bois fabric.......

You will notice that the two pillows have more of citron gold color to them which actually looks better with the Dark Indigo Chinoiserie fabric.

This combination looks richer and a bit more sophisticated and elegant. You know me!! This gal loves an understated elegant look.

One thing I had to make sure of is how these two fabrics would read at night time. Sometimes a muddy color like these can absorb light and become dead looking in the night light. I knew the velvet would look darker with less light reflecting on it so I needed the colors to stay warm in the night time light.

Day time.....


Night time with ambient lighting.......

You can see in this picture that both fabrics got a bit darker and richer looking.  This is the look I am going for.

I have one more patterned fabric coming in to compare, but to be honest I am very sure about this combination so I will be ordering the pillows soon. 

I will also be taking back the pillows I purchased from homegoods and a couple of accessories that did not make the cut. So far I am loving two accessories I have purchased...

The wooden bowl and the silver hammered bowl with black horn handles are keepers so far. Notice I said so far? It is not over until all the puzzle pieces are here and in place. I also have some feathers coming that will reside in the wooden bowl....



As always..............