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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Want Lighting That Is Out Of My Price Range, HELP!!!


Lighting is the jewelry of any room. Since I purchased my new king-sized bed I found that I needed to upgrade my lighting to accommodate the size of the bed.

This started many days of looking. I am not going to make a final decision until I get back from Paris in the Fall, but I did find a light that feels like ME!!!

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

I know, I know these have been used in a kitchen, but there is no fast and hard rule that says I can’t use them in my bedroom!!!

There is a problem!! A big problem!!!!

The Big Price Tag!!!

These lights are from Circa lighting, which has unbelievably beautiful lighting! Lighting I would love to purchase, but, and it is a big BUT!!! The light is over $1,000!! and I need two of them. Can you say Ka-ching!!!!!?

I know price is relative, but in this girl’s reality that will NEVER happen. Hubby will never understand why lighting cost almost  as much as the headboard and footboard.

So dear readers if any of you know of a light that looks like this one for much, much less, please let me know!!!