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Monday, October 18, 2010

Whose Personality Does Your Home Have?

Do you think your home reflects your personality?  We all know that it should but does it?   When you look at a room that you love can you describe it with adjectives?  Throughout blogland we all view beautiful rooms that we find appealing for different reasons and there are certain adjectives  that we use to describe these rooms. Below is a room that I love I will try to use three  adjectives to describe it.

First I have to say, I love everything about this bedroom. Here are the adjectives that I would use to describe it:
Fresh, inviting, elegant

Next I am going to show you a room which I love the paint color. This room was designed by Suzanne Kasler and the walls are a lovely butter cream.  Here are the adjectives that I would use to describe the dominant color in this room :
  Soothing, relaxing, elegant

Now don't fall out of your chair, No! I do not like this at all. The adjectives I would use to describe this are:
Busy, Cluttered, Confusing,

I bet you are wondering why am I telling you all of this and what does it mean to you. Now here comes the participation part. I would like each of you to go to your favorite room in your home and I want you to write down the three adjectives that describe it.

Next I want you to describe the dominant color in your house with three adjectives.
Are you writing all of this down? Good!

Lastly I would like you to go to the part of your house that you would least like people to see, Yikes!  I know this can be painful because you don't like this spot. ( Mine would be my garage for sure, that is a whole other show).  As painful as it may be, write down three adjectives that describe this area.

Here we go:
First, I asked you to write down three adjectives that describe your favorite room in your home.
 You just described your favorite things about yourself !

Second, I asked you to write down adjectives that describe the dominant colors in your home
You just described the personality of the person who chose that color!

Third I asked you to describe the area in your home you would least like people to see.
You have just described aspects of yourself that you are ashamed of and things you try to hide from others.

This is a little test that I have saved for six years that I found in an article in O At Home Fall 2004. I saved this test because frankly it made me think and it revealed something about myself in relation to my home.
So, after all this reading and writing did the adjectives that you used describe YOU and your home?
Something to think about isn't it?

"Enjoy the Process" of:
Discovering the personality of your home.