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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sometimes I come upon images that are “Just Pretty.” Do  you do that? You know, you look at them and say to yourself, “that is just pretty.”

I thought I would share some images that I think are “PRETTY.” All of these images put a gentle smile on my face. I hope they do the same for YOU!!

No further words needed. Just sit back and enjoy the view……….

1 (470x470)

2 (480x600)




martha stewarts home







PH_CLT_14[1] (2)




“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Just looking at pretty rooms and vignettes!


What Little Black Dress Does Your Home Wear?

With the New Year celebrations coming up we all start thinking about what to wear for the special parties.

Should we go glitzy or should we stay classic?

1 (688x800)
We have all heard of the “Little Black Dress.” No one did it better than Audrey Hepburn.

We have been told for years that we all need one in our wardrobe. I have my simple Calvin Klein that I will be able to wear for years to come and I can dress it up or down.

The “Little Black Dress” can go with anything and go anywhere. It can be changed by just adding different accessories, color or texture.

I also think we need pieces like this in our homes.

I started thinking about what is the “Little Black Dress” in my home?!

You know the item or room that goes with just about anything and it can be changed by an addition of an accessory or a color.

My “Little Black Dress” in my home is definitely my dining room with it’s simple green and white striped wallpaper and wood floors.

 Alone it is unadorned, but with a few changes it can be changed for the seasons or for any occasion.

fall dining 2
summer dining 2 (800x600)
christmas dining room 2010 013 (800x600)
christmas dining 2009 007 (800x600)
Christmas kitchen 2008 034

Do you have a “Little Black Dress” in your home?

I think we all need an area or an item that is easily changed, don’t you?

After all it is change that keeps us motivated and moving forward towards a new goal. Change is exciting and motivating so we need our own “Little Black Dress” in our homes.

I think a good goal  for 2011 is to make more areas in my home dressed in it’s own “Little Black Dress.”

How about you, do you have a little black dress in your home?

Take a look around!  Do you have areas that are easily changed with just a few accessories, textures or color?

Something to think about, isn’t it?

I wonder what my dining room will be wearing for New Years Eve?!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Finding the “Little Black Dress” for your home!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let There Be LIGHT!!

After we take down all the green of Christmas usually the lights go with it. One more thing to make our homes feel a bit dull and drab.

I like to keep a little glow going in my home, how about you?

You already know I love all my little votives throughout my home. I add some to my kitchen window sill and other areas that I seem to be at for long periods of time.

I also have a ficus tree in my living room and in my family room. I am going to add my Christmas lights to their branches. I use to have lights in them all year long and eventually took them down. I think this year the lights will go back up on the ficus.

Uplights are another great source of glow. I use those in dark corners behind plants and furniture.

I gathered a few pictures of other ways to use lights so you all can keep the glow going in your homes too.

6 (333x500)
A very large oversized jar filled with lights sitting by the door. What a nice warm glow to greet you when you come in the door. Not necessarily just for Christmas.

5 (3) (300x357) (300x357)
I know you all remember this look from one of my Christmas post! Instead of using these in mass on a mantel why not try one by itself on a table or a couple on a book shelf? Just  a little glow in the room is nice.

8 (475x475)
Demijohns are so popular right now and many of you have them displayed in your homes. How about some lights in a Demijohn? I have also seen displays of wine bottles with lights in them. That looks very pretty in a kitchen or near a wine rack.

2 (400x265)
I love these lighted orbs they are made by a company called Cable & Cotton. They look like a ball of yarn and come in a variety of color combinations.
3 (451x677)

They even offer an option for you to choose your own color combination. I love the white and of course the green combination is appealing to me. I love the texture and the light they bring to a room when placed in a wooden bowl.

Soft twinkly lights in a bedroom are always inviting also.
1 (399x600) 

5 (373x373)
This just looks so inviting and cozy, doesn’t it?

4 (267x400) 
7 (246x400)
Look around your home at your accessories on tables and book cases, and think where you might be able to add an extra light or two.

I have all my lights on dimmers.  I keep several of my lamps on all day. I use refrigerator bulbs that are only 7 watts for ambient light at night. I have a lot of little lights around the house but they do not use much power.

I hope this helps inspire you to keep a few strands of white lights out after Christmas to keep that wonderful warm glow going during the cold gray days of winter.

What other ways do you all keep a warm glow going in your homes, after the Christmas lights are all gone?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Keeping the warm glow going in your home.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are You Missing The GREEN?!

Have you ever noticed that after Christmas is over and all the decorations are down the house you once loved, looks a little drab and flat?!

I figured out what was the problem years ago. We miss the GREEN!!

 The tree is such a huge focal point in our homes. By the time we add the greenery on mantels, bookshelves and tables you are missing a lot of green when you take down your holiday decor.

Green, especially natural green always adds such a fresh look to a room.

2 (450x600)
Just look at how fresh this entry looks with the pop of green in the apples and the flowers!

I think from now on, before we take down all of our Christmas decorations it would be  good idea to go out and buy a few new house plants.  That will help us keep that natural fresh look.

Let's look at some ideas on how we can add fresh plants to our homes.......

6 (225x225)
Buy some inexpensive herbs and put on a window sill. Not only a great look but also very useful in cooking.

I added fresh herbs in my own kitchen………

summer kitchen 014 (800x600) 

5 (488x357)
I love a white orchid and in a simple white pot it is perfection.

4 (299x400)
A few fresh flowers in simple vases adds some life to a room also.

new_england_home_dining[1] (541x739)
This is one of my all time favorite pictures with the rosemary topiaries in rustic pots. Even the red apples are reminiscent of Christmas red and green.

untitled (300x250)
More white orchids and green apples. Love this room! The black and white striped chairs are the perfect touch in my book.

DINING ROOM (800x534)
A large palm in the corner is a great addition in this already beautiful room. I see a recurring theme here.  More white orchids!

summer dining 2 (800x600)
In my own dining room for the summer I use Boston ferns in urns.

white-dining-room-0706_xlg[1] (360x460)
So dear readers if you feel as if your home looks a bit drab after taking out all of your holiday decor, add some green with plants. I did another post on adding plants to your decor, here, if you would like to read it.

Check out this post over at Delight by Design for another way to add green to your home.

Here is another post on adding some green over at O so D a blog I really enjoy reading.

How do you bring back life to your rooms after you take down your decorations?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Bring green into your rooms for a fresh look!


Monday, December 27, 2010

I Am NOT Running In The Race!!!

untitled (500x389)
Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be running the race right after Christmas?

What race you ask? You know the race to get their decorations down !!!

1 (720x480)
I use to run in the race when I was younger and had more energy.

Now that I am older and wiser I try to, “Enjoy the Process!” Running in the race does not allow for time to “Enjoy the Process,” in my life.

I have grown to realize that the decorations will get put away in due time and the house will be put back in order.

I will then begin my “To Do List” for the upcoming years projects in hopes of getting it done before next Christmas!!

So until I decide to take down my decorations I am going to try and, “Enjoy the Process” of the approach of the upcoming new year.

I want to languish in my wonderful family Christmas memories, and enjoy the cozy warmth of my home.

You will find me enjoying a little more of this………..

untitled (468x286)
So tell me dear readers are you running in the race this year?


Are you going to, “Enjoy the Process” with me?


Sunday, December 26, 2010


The party is over it was a big success. Everyone is healthy, happy and well fed so now it is time for a little of this ……….

untitled (468x286)
I might even do some of this………

6 (337x508)
Or this……..

5 (338x506)
I actually might do a little of this too…………..
7 (225x225)
So if you see me around blog land you will know that I will look something like this……….

8 (457x373)
How about YOU?

What will you be doing today?

Whatever you choose to do I hope that you are………

“Enjoying the Process”


Friday, December 24, 2010


5 (263x191) 
I am sending you all wonderful Christmas Wishes!!!
Merry, Merry Christmas