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Sunday, December 1, 2013

If You Came To My Front Door


If you were to come to my front door today, you would see black and white with a touch of green.

You also might hear some silver jingle bells. Yesterday was the day I started my Christmas decorating.

For some reason I always start with my porch. I think it is important to have a Merry Christmas Greeting for my guest.

Last year I was inspired by an image I saw on Dear Lillie’s website………..

I fell in love with this little drummer boy for three reasons….
♥♥♥ Black and white
♥♥♥ Silhouettes
♥♥♥ His little profile, which just happens to look so much like my middle son’s profile when he was a little boy.

A touch of black and white will always be in my Christmas decorations so silhouettes go perfectly in my home.

Throughout the years we have taken our boys to Disneyland several times. There was a master silhouette artist there that did all of my boys silhouettes over the years.

I would have them place their silhouettes on the white side of the cardstock because I had plans for their silhouettes.

They hung in our guest bath against black and white ticking striped wallpaper for years.

The first time we had them done the boys were ages 6-4 and almost 2 years old.

In the following years we had their silhouettes done with all three of the boys together.

When I saw Dear Lillie’s silhouette hanging on her armoire I thought to myself, “I am going to do this next year with my boys silhouettes on my front door instead of a wreath.”

So that is just what I did yesterday…….

My boys are ages, 9-7-5 in this picture.

Ribbit Boys Silhouettes on Door Christmas 2013 010 (614x800)
Boys are 12-10 and 8 years old.

Ribbit Boys Silhouettes on Door Christmas 2013 009 (660x800)
Boys are 14-12 and 10. I love how you can see the changes in their jaw lines.

These are copies of the originals. I used wire to hang them, and then I  covered the wire with ribbon front and back.

Since Jingle bells are being used in my home this year, I used 3 bells in the center of the bow, one for each son.

I like loose simple bows so I chose to make a double looped bow out of double faced satin ribbon. I might add just a touch of  fresh greenery with the bells later.

Ribbit Boys Silhouettes on Door Christmas 2013 013 (615x800)
Black and white with just a touch of green is perfect for my entry hall.

Ribbit Boys Silhouettes on Door Christmas 2013 014 (800x632)

So if you were to come to my front door today you would see…..


Ribbit Boys Silhouettes on Door Christmas 2013 008 (469x800)
Next on the decorating agenda is to put up the tree  and put the twinkly white lights on the tree!!