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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bathroom Inspiration

As I have told you all before, I have recently retired from doing decorating consultations. It has given me the opportunity to write my blog and also to help family and friends with some of their projects.

When I see an image that reminds me of a good idea for someone that I know, I make a special file with their name on it and add to it as time goes by.

I have a very dear friend that will be doing a guest bathroom makeover in the near future. My friend lives on the water and her back deck over looks the river. I love her home and it truly is a lifestyle, not just a home. Since she lives on the water and they have a wonderful “Red” ski boat I thought it would be fun to add a touch of nautical to her guest bath.

One important thing you need to know about my friend. She has decorated in  a red, white and navy color scheme for over 25 years or more. Red is not a trend color for her. It is “HER” color!!

In her guest bath she has two sinks and a tub/shower combination. I pulled together a few inspiration images for her. I thought you might like to look at some of these images since it is summer and we are all thinking about the water and a nautical looks. . Here are a few of the images I have saved for her…….
I saved this image for a couple of reasons. I love the painted paneling. I think it adds a nice dimension to the room. I also love the use of the baskets for storage above the soffit overhang. The main reason I chose this picture is because of the lighting. I really want her to use some caged lights like they use on board ship.
I like the use of storage in this picture. Her cabinetry goes from wall to wall and this would totally work in her room.
This is one of my favorites. I am not sure it will work as far as storage goes, but she does love a pedestal sink and these are nice and chunky and look substantial in front of the subway tile installed in a brick pattern. I also love the use of mirrored front cabinets to make the room appear larger than it actually is. I know they make a tile that looks just like wood plank flooring so that is another option we have not talked about yet.
In this picture I like the use of the wainscoting. They do make a bead board tile called Boiserie, you can find it here. It looks wonderful when applied in a bathroom or under a kitchen cupboard for a backsplash. I have used it in one of my clients guest bathrooms and it turned out amazing.
I think this bathroom has a bit of whimsy added by using the more public looking towel dispenser and the oversized wash basin like they use to have in public schools. There is also the use of the caged lights that I love in a bathroom like this.
Since she loves pedestal sinks, but needs counter top space and storage something like this would give her that option. I would of course us a caged light fixture instead of what is pictured here. Love the baskets for texture in the room.
We want  the room to have a nod to the water but not be too literal or thematic, so I think most of these rooms give a good example and inspiration for a simple but fun guest bathroom.
I hope this inspires you all out in blog land as well as my dear friend.
  “Enjoy the Process” Of :
Pulling together inspirational ideas for a new look for a room in your home.