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Friday, October 7, 2011

May I introduce............

If you read my last post on how I began my journey in blog land you know about the wonderful group of ladies in the Puttzer Chatroom!!

I asked their permission if I could share the five ladies that are actively blogging in blogland today.

First and foremost our founding sister :

Deb: Confessions of a Plate Addict (She is the brain behind our blog, and she helped me with any questions I had about the computer when I first started blogging. She is generous beyond belief.)

Marty: A Stroll Through Life ( our Eveready bunny, she can work circles around any of us. This woman has a heart of gold.)

Kat: Empty Nester (Another very hard worker and a lady to respect. She has a wonderful writing ability. I know someday she will be a published author.)

Barb: Grits and Glamour (She can get more done in a week than I could get done in three months. Her ability to talk about food, and recipes can make even me want to cook.)

Lastly I must include a non-blogger. I met her on Rate My Space, and she was my first real internet friend. We shared the front page at RMS, her kitchen and my bathroom......

 I guess you could say we were drawn together by our rooms to begin with. We traveled to Micasa together and we remain close friends to this day.

You all might remember her from this image:


Her kitchen has the all time most views over at Rate My Space, totaling 656,006. I would say, they really loved her kitchen wouldn’t you? The lady behind this kitchen is even more lovely, warm and inviting than her kitchen. If you would like to go and visit her page to see more of her lovely home, you can go HERE!

Without the encouragement of each of these ladies I would not be blogging today. Words can not describe how much each and every Puttzer means to me.

Thank you to all of you for following along with me on my journey in blog land. Blogging is much more than sharing words, and images it is the connections that keep us going on the days we might not feel like writing.

As long as you keep reading I will keep writing!!

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